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Girl Stuff, Issue #003 -- Printable Scavenger Hunts
November 05, 2005
Hi Girls!

There have been numerous requests for scavenger hunts this month. You can check out the new, recently added, printable scavenger hunts below under 'What's New?'

Please note: To view these printable pages, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is available at no charge at

If this is your first issue of Girl Stuff, you can get your complimentary Beauty Tips e-book by clicking Here! The password is xxxxxxxx. I hope you enjoy the information and beauty recipes. You may find them useful if you decide to host a Home Spa Party like the one I just recently completed (with beautiful matching printable invitation and envelope).

Note: If you are planning a baby shower or bridal shower in the near future you might want to consider a spa party theme. Spa party showers are becoming more and more popular and our Spa Party page has lots of resources and information to help you make this both a luxurious and affordable event.

To break the ice at your shower, our Bridal Shower Games and Baby Shower Games pages have lots of fun, group-involving games for you to choose from. Also, a printable Newlywed Game was added just a few days ago.

Still looking for more shower games? Our new partners and have tons of professional looking printable games available at very affordable prices.

Fun Activity

If you enjoyed our "Adventures in Birthing" madlib last month, you'll have to check out "As the Day Goes." It's perfect for any party or get-together with the girls. You can even play it online on our Fun Stuff page.

What's New at Diva Girl Parties and Stuff?

New pages added this past month include:

Printable Fall Neighborhood Scavnger Hunt
Printable ABC Scavenger Hunt
Printable Graveyard Scavenger Hunt
Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt
Printable Recycle Scavenger Hunt
and Printable Video Scavenger Hunt
Also, there is a sample "Park Clue Scavenger Hunt" on our Scavenger Hunt page and, as noted above, there is a new "Home Spa Party" page and "As the Day Goes" madlib available. Be sure to check out the printable "Nursery Rhyme Pictionary" game on our new Nursery Rhyme Games page too.

Beauty News & Tips

It is extremely important to take time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself. Why not take time out this month to create your own Personal Home Spa. All it will cost is your time and personally, I think you're worth it... so ENJOY!

Have a great idea you'd like to share? Need a game or invitation for a specific party? Have any questions, comments or requests? Please visit our Contact Us page and submit them there. Your ideas and requests are always welcomed and appreciated.

Stop by and visit us soon and enjoy your free Beauty Tips E-book!


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