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Girl Stuff, Issue #007 -- Do-It-Yourself Home Scavenger Hunt Tools
March 12, 2006
Hi Girls!

I recently came across a great little find, a do-it-yourself home scavenger hunt program, complete with printable invitations and the ability to create seemingly limitless home scavenger hunts. It's called 'Riddle Me' and you can check it out on our Party Shop page. It is definitely worth a look. Use it for birthday parties, after school activities or to a hide a gift for someone special.

If this is your first issue of Girl Stuff, you can get your complimentary Beauty Tips e-book by clicking here! The password is xxxxxxxxx. I hope you enjoy the information and beauty recipes.

Try making some fun St. Patrick's Day favors by mixing a tad of gold coloring in some bath salts and putting the mixture in mini black pots (pots of gold). If you prefer green for St. Patrick's Day, mix up some mint bath salts and add a dab of green coloring. Put the salts in a pretty clear bottle and attach a four-leaf-clover tag. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Fun Activity

Truth or Dare is one of those classic girl party games that never seems to go out of style. For those of you who get stumped on ideas for Truth or Dare challenges or questions, there is a great little Truth or Dare site that supplies you with questions and challenges at 30 second intervals. You can set the rating at G, PG, etc. and use the program as is at your get-together, or make a list of the questions and challenges yourself to cut up, put into two bowls and randomly draw from.

What's New at Diva Girl Parties and Stuff?

New pages added this past month include:

Around Town Scavenger Hunt
Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
Crazy Bowl
Door-to-Door Scavenger Hunt
Mall Photo Hunt
Girls Night Out Scavenger Hunt
St. Patrick's Day Party Games
and Green Trivia

Beauty News & Tips

Summer is just around the corner and who doesn't want to have great legs to show off at all those beach parties and sunny backyard barbecues? If you thought having great legs was only a dream, stop dreaming and take action. Get Great Legs has valuable information on how to improve those beautiful appendages that get you where you want to go. Check out GGL's great tips and tricks for putting your best legs forward and you'll be looking forward to shorts and skirts this summer.

Have a great idea you'd like to share? Need a game or invitation for a specific party? Have any questions, comments or requests? Please visit our Contact Us page and submit them there. Your ideas and requests are always welcomed and appreciated.

Stop by and visit us soon and enjoy your free Beauty Tips E-book!


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