Slumber party

by Kmaj Marshall
(Fort Irwin, California)

I want to have a spa sleepover/makeover slumber party!

How can we make temporary tattoos without buying henna stuff?

How do I make lotion and nail polish so we can make our own colors and take them home?

What are good makeover games?

Any ideas on what other things to do?


Slumber Party Question Response

Hi Kmaj!

I have a homemade spa recipe that we did at a girls night chocolate theme party. The girls had fun making it and we put it in pretty jars when it was done so they could take it home.

Chocolate Body Scrub Recipe

3/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup olive oil
1/4 tbsp cocoa powder
1/16 tsp vanilla extract

Mix oil into brown sugar. Blend in cocoa and extract. Mix well.

This body scrub makes a great exfoliater and moisturizer when massaged gently onto the body. Please DO NOT use it on your face.

Optional: Put your creations in pretty jars and use them as favors.

I don't think I know of any non-permanent homemade tattoo recipes, but what about body paint (the type they use for face painting at fairs and parades). There are so many cool types and colors to choose from.

One pretty fun makeover game is to have two people each sit on a chair and then blindfold two others. On your go each blindfolded person has to do the makeup of one of the girls sitting in a chair. It can be quite funny.

There are beauty and model trivia games at that might work well as icebreakers for your slumber party.

Usually makeover parties are a great time to use conversation games like
Who, Where, Why and Share.

Slumber Party Game Collection

Girl Slumber Party Games Pack

Girl Slumber Party Games

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My 16th B-Day Slumber Party
by: Shannon

Next month, I'm having a slumber party for my 16th birthday. I invited 5 friends and they are excited. At my party, I'm planning on doing makeovers like makeup, hair styling, and nail painting. Also we are going to dance, play games, and eat fun foods and snacks like pizza, cake, chips, candy, popcorn, juice, soda, & cookies. Can't wait.

Chocolate Body Scrub Recipe
by: Kamara Edwards

Hello Kmaj!

It's my b-day soon and I have looked at the chocolate body scrub recipe and I will try it before my slumber party. If it works thanks so much. I hope that your slumber party went very well.

Help With This Now!
by: Annie


Me and my bff are having a SLUMBER PARTY and we're only 11. I really want to have a scavenger hunt, but don't know how to plan or do it. Please help!

P.S. It's my bff's b-day tomorrow.

Scavenger Hunt Question Reply:

There is a printable indoor clue scavenger hunt HERE that is perfect for a slumber party. You'll also find purse, magazine and newspaper scavenger hunts that would also work.

Body Art
by: Andrew

Hi Kmaj!

You mention face and body paint. Have a look at for lots of information on the topic. There are lots of fun pictures, video clips and suppliers to get you going in this fun art form.


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