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Girl Stuff, Issue #019 -- New Years Parties
December 30, 2010

Girl Stuff, Issue #019 -- Goodbye 2010!
December 30, 2010


In This Issue:

2010 is quickly coming to a close. I'm sure you're all busy planning your New Year's Eve celebrations. I'll be spending New Year's Eve with family in Quebec. It's a 70's theme party so that should be fun dressing up for. We're also bringing something we love and something we don't so much love to trade in some sort of game. I'll fill you in AFTER the party when I know more details.


New Years Family Feud Game

A new Family Feud survey has been posted in order to create a New Years Eve game to use for 2011 New Year's celebrations.

Please take a moment to fill in the 15 question survey with your answers HERE.

We've also posted the results of our Halloween Family Feud survey HERE. A special thanks to all those who contributed to creating that game.


New Years Eve Bingo Icebreaker

You can be sure that if you're hosting a large party that not everyone will arrive at the same time. A great way to entertain your guests and get them mingling as they arrive at your New Years Eve party is to give them each a New Years bingo game card customized with either the names of your guests, or better yet, a fun fact about them.

Guests will then need to mingle and chat in order to find those who match the facts on their bingo squares and have them sign the applicable square.

You can either make the cards yourself or order them online, customized to suit your party. Dozens of different cards can be generated in minutes and printed straight from your computer, so even if it's 5:00 pm on New Year's Eve it's not too late to add an icebreaker to your festivities.

A few ideas to type for the squares might be "someone who got a promotion this year" "someone who bought a house" "someone who graduated" "someone over 6 foot tall" etc.

It's A New Year Bingo - $ 6.99
This is your classic Bingo game that includes pre-filled squares with New Year's words already filled in, or personalized squares where you choose all the words With our Game Card Generator, you get a different New Years Bingo Card for each player- even if you have 200 players! Generator will scramble items for unique cards. Call card included. Start printing as soon as you order!

More Printable New Year's Eve Party Games:


Fun Cocktail Party Accessory or Wedding Favor

I was watching the Steven and Chris show in late October and I saw the coolest mocktail cocktail party accessories ever. They are dry ice swizzle sticks called Mistystix. When you stir your drinks with them a misty fog erupts from and envelopes your drink. Can you imagine presenting one of those in a glass as the favor for your wedding guests?

They are not available in small quantities yet, but if you're planning a large party or a wedding this product is so affordable and so unique. You can buy 250 of these sticks for $200, which is less than a dollar a piece. You can't get better than that for something with such a WOW factor!

I was recently in touch with the creators of the product and they are hoping to have party packs of these sticks available soon, AND the sticks are reusable. Definitely check out this video on Misty Stix.

I LOVE this product! LOVE it!


Brand New Full-Size Girlfriend's Intuition Game

I don't know how many of you managed to get a copy of the NEW girls' night game I mentioned in my last ezine, but it is HILARIOUS!

The name of that game is Girlfriend's Intuition and my friends and I have played it several times with similar results... lots of laughter and good old-fashioned girlfriend bonding.

Now there are two versions of the game... the travel size and a BRAND NEW full size. FUN! FUN! FUN!


MY Exciting 2010 Milestone

This year Diva Girl Parties and Stuff celebrated it's 5th year being online. That in and of itself is a milestone. The BEST news is that from the income generated from this online business I was able to surprise my husband with a Happy Retirement card for his 52nd birthday in early January. It's not often in life you can give a gift like that. VERY Exctiting!

Special SiteSell Promotion
If you have ever considered the idea of started your own online business, I highly recommend it. Till January 4th of this year you can even start 2 businesses for the price of 1. Split the cost with a friend and you'll have an even better deal. This could be YOUR year to get started on the road to financial independence.

Unleash your inner diva and do it YOUR WAY this year by starting your own online business.

There's nothing more fulfilling and empowering as building your own online business from the ground up.

Cheers to all the divas out there who will choose to make this their year of INDEPENDENCE!


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New Baby Shower Games Coming Soon

We're adding two new baby shower games in January. First, a baby shower scavenger hunt and then a baby name game. If you're planning a baby shower early in the year keep your eyes open for them.

Happy 2011!

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