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Girl Stuff, Issue #024 -- Exclusive 50% Discount on Popular Printable Christmas Party Games for YOU
December 19, 2015

Girl Stuff, Issue #024 -- Exclusive 50% Discount on Popular Printable Christmas Party Games for YOU
December 19, 2015



Up to your elbows in baking and decorating? It's not too late to add some fun printable games to your Christmas party. Party Fun Printables is offering a 50% discount on their 5-Pack Christmas Game Pack.

The discount code is DIVINE50 and expires on Christmas Day. CLICK HERE!

They just added a brand NEW Left Right Frosty the Snowman game.

Please note that the Frosty Game can be seen on Diva Girl Parties and Stuff, but does not have the discount code activated. Since the game is so new you'll need to CLICK HERE to use the 50% discount code.

The discount code for this game is FROSTY50. It too expires on Christmas Day.

NOTE: Be sure to click on UPDATE CART once you enter your coupon code to activate your discount.



Families LOVE Riddle Me for creating custom scavenger hunts. In seconds you can generate and print a hunt that fits your age group and available hiding locations. It's so easy to use.

  • Pick a clue background
  • Choose the locations you want to hide the clues
  • Choose the difficulty level you prefer
  • Then, wait a second while Riddle Me generates your custom printable hunt
  • Print, clip, and hide the clues

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Riddle Me is offering YOU, my ezine readers, a 50% discount for a limited time. WOW! I already thought their price was low.

Christmas scavenger hunt
Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Generator

If you want to take advantage of the discount CLICK HERE.

The discount code is "Xmas2015". It is ONLY VALID till Christmas. Take advantage of this offer before the coupon expires at Christmas.

NOTE: This deal may NOT be posted on coupon sites. It is exclusive to YOU, our members.

I have friends who even use this scavenger hunt generator to hide after-school snacks just to up the fun factor of normal everyday activities for their kids.

There are literally thousands of hunt combinations possible. You can even create an individual hunt for each person in your family this Christmas. The clues range from simple to challenging and include a huge variety of indoor and outdoor hiding locations. I have personally used the game more times than I can remember and it's always different.


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