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Girl Stuff, Issue #010 -- Fun Truth Or Dare Variation
July 11, 2006
Hi Girls!

Do you remember playing truth or dare? Was it fun, exciting and scary all at once? Did you love to hate it or love to play it? Either way, it's time to take a second look at it. Amidst all of this summer's slumber parties, camps and all girl get-togethers, dare your friends to give this Who, Where, Why Game a try. It combines the fun and fear of truth or dare with the luxury of keeping questions anonymous. There are printable cards included with the game instructions, so have a laugh (or cry) with your friends this summer, chill out by the pool or around a campfire, and play Who, Where, Why.

If this is your first issue of Girl Stuff, you can get your complimentary Beauty Tips e-book by clicking here! The password is only available to those who have subscribed to Girl Stuff and therefore not included in the back issues. I hope you enjoy the information and beauty recipes.

Have you ever run into the ultimate party pooper or had a party disaster you just wanted to tell to the whole world about? Well, here's your chance. A fellow webmaster has created a site specifically for venting. It's very therapeutic. You can check it out on our FUN STUFF page. Just look for the WUTSUX LOGO.

Fun Activity

We just completed our Bridal Shower Family Feud survey and are now working on setting up a Diva Girl Family Feud Game. If you'd like to participate visit Diva Girl Family Feud and submit your answers to some random diva related questions. When we have 100 completed surveys we will post the results for anyone wanting to use them at their next all girl party.

What's New at Diva Girl Parties and Stuff?

New pages added this past month include:

Bridal Shower Family Feud Results
Baby Animal Name Game
Who, Where, Why Game
Diva Girl Family Feud Survey
Printable Love Letter Mad Lib
and for those of you who love scavenger hunts, several new ones have been added on our sister site Scavenger Hunt Fun.

Also, we are currently running an Internet Scavenger Hunt for Kids. It is the perfect activity for a rainy day or lazy summer afternoon.

Beauty News & Tips

If you've never tried a virtual makeover, you can play with the free demo at It's so fun to try different hair styles, makeup, and accessories on the models.

Have a great idea you'd like to share? Need a game or invitation for a specific party? Have any questions, comments or requests? Please visit our Contact Us page and submit them there. Your ideas and requests are always welcomed and appreciated.

Stop by and visit us soon and enjoy your free Beauty Tips E-book!


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