Baby Animal Name Game Printables

Baby animals are so cute that they deserve special names. These baby animal name game printables test how well you know their names.

Use them at an animal theme party or shower, for a pop classroom quiz, or just for the fun of learning more about these adorable creatures.

Baby Animal Name Rhyming Game

Each of the images in this game rhymes with the name of a baby animal.  For example, an image of a BOWL or a piece of COAL rhymes with FOAL (a baby horse).  

There are 15 baby animals represented in this game. Bet you can't guess them all.

1. An image of a PAWN rhymes with FAWN (a baby deer).

2. An image of a SUB rhymes with CUB (a baby fox, bear, lion, or other carnivorous mammal).

3. An image of a PICK rhymes with CHICK (a baby bird and in particular a baby chicken).

4. An image of a COB rhymes with SQUAB (a baby pigeon).

5. An image of a bag of MONEY rhymes with BUNNY (a baby rabbit).

6. An image of the fraction symbol for HALF rhymes with CALF (a baby cow or various other large mammals such as whales and elephants).

7. An image of a GUPPY rhymes with PUPPY (a baby dog).

8. An image of a MITTEN rhymes with KITTEN (a baby cat).

9. An image of a BOAT rhymes with SHOAT (a baby pig that has just been weaned).

10. An image of a BOLT rhymes with COLT (a young male horse).

11. An image of a jar of JAM rhymes with LAMB (a baby sheep).

12. An image of a LID rhymes with KID (a baby goat).

13. An image of a LILY rhymes with FILLY (a young female horse).

14. An image of WRESTLING rhymes with NESTLING (a baby bird that is too young to leave its nest).

15. An image of KELP rhymes with WHELP (the young of a carnivore, such as a dog, bear, lion, or seal).

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Printable Baby Animal Name Rhyming Game

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Baby Animal Name Game 2

We've compiled a list of 45 animals. Can you guess all 45 of their baby animal names?

Find out!

Write down as many as you can next to their respective parents without peaking at the answers. 

HINT: Some animals have the same baby names. For example, lions and bears both give birth to cubs.

The quiz answers are listed just below the graphic.

Scroll below for a printable version of the game. 

printable baby shower animal name game

Baby Animal Game Answers

01. Ant - antling

02. Bear - cub

03. Bird - nestling

04. Butterfly - caterpillar

05. Cat - kitten

06. Chicken - chick

07. Cow - calf

08. Deer - fawn

09. Dog - puppy

10. Dolphin - calf

11. Donkey - foal

12. Duck - duckling

13. Eagle - eaglet

14. Elephant - calf

15. Fish - fry

16. Fox - kit

17. Frog - tadpole or polliwog

18. Goat - kid

19. Goose - gosling

20. Gorilla - infant

21. Hare - leveret

22. Hog - shoat

23. Horse - filly, colt or foal

24. Kangaroo - joey

25. Lion - cub

26. Moose - calf

27. Ostrich - chick

28. Owl - owlet

29. Possum - joey

30. Penguin - fledgling

31. Pig - piglet

32. Pigeon - squab

33. Rabbit - bunny

34. Raccoon - kit

35. Reindeer - fawn

36. Seal - calf or pup

37. Sheep - lamb

38. Skunk - kit

39. Swan - cygnet

40. Tiger - cub

41. Toad- tadpole

42. Turkey - poult

43. Turtle - hatchling

44. Whale - calf

45. Wolf - Pup or Cub

Printable Baby Animal Name Game

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