Nursery Rhyme Animals - Guess Who

nursery rhyme animals

Read aloud the short descriptions of these nursery rhyme animals one at a time.

Have your guests compete to be the first to name each animal.

Nursery Rhyme Animal Descriptions

01. This nursery rhyme animal had a bag of wool for a dame

02. This nursery rhyme animal had no hair

03. This nursery rhyme animal laughed

04. These nursery rhyme animals couldn't put an egg back together again

05. This nursery rhyme animal popped

06. This nursery rhyme animal went to visit the queen

07. This nursery rhyme animal flew

08. This nursery rhyme animal ran up a clock

09. This nursery rhyme animal's house was on fire

10. This nursery rhyme animal was in the corn

11. This nursery rhyme animal frightened a little girl

12. This nursery rhyme animal went to school

13. This nursery rhyme animal went to the market

14. These nursery rhyme animals were blind

15. This nursery rhyme animal was ridden by Yankee Doodle

16. This nursery rhyme animal was the captain of a sailing ship

17. This nursery rhyme animal had short ears and a long tail

18. This nursery rhyme animal would ride through the air when she wanted to wander

19. These nursery rhyme animals went to St. Ives

20. This nursery rhyme animal washed the dishes and kept the house clean

21. This nursery rhyme animal carried a lady with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

22. This nursery rhyme animal ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built

23. This nursery rhyme animal took a man's pipe away

24. This nursery rhyme animal was stolen by Tom

25. These nursery rhyme animals lost something that made them cry


01. The sheep from Baa Baa Black Sheep | 02. The bear from Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear | 03. The little dog from Hey Diddle Diddle | 04. The horses from Humpty Dumpty | 05. The weasel from Pop Goes the Weasel | 06. The pussycat from Pussycat Pussycat Where Have You Been | 07. The pig from The Flying Pig | 08. The mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock | 09. The bird from Ladybird Ladybird | 10. The cow from Little Boy Blue | 11. The spider from Little Miss Muffet | 12. The lamb from Mary Had A Little Lamb | 13. The pig in This Little Piggy | 14. The mice in Three Blind Mice | 15. The pony in Yankee Doodle | 16. The duck from I Saw a Ship A-Sailing | 17. The dog from Oh Where Oh Where Has My little Dog Gone | 18. The goose from Old Mother Goose | 19. The cats from Going to St. Ives | 20. The hen from The Clever Hen | 21. The horse from Banbury Cross | 22. The rat from The House That Jack Built | 23. The bird from The Man of Bombay | 24. The pig from Tom Tom The Piper's Son | 25. The kittens from The Three Little Kittens

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