Board Game Party Themes and Ideas

A board game party can kick off an exciting, interactive evening with friends

board game party ideas and themes

Sometimes adding a twist to a classic game will make it even more fun. Here are some old, new and slightly modified board games to try at your next get together.

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Girls Night Board Games

I have found the ultimate girls night board game. It is so fun that you'll be begging your friends to get together for a girls night just to play it again.

girls night in board game

That game is... What's a Dame to Do?!  (#ad)

Can't get enough? For even more girls night game board fun check out Girlfriends Intuition. (#ad)

Parcheesi Board Game Party

Put a fun twist on a classic game and build a party around it. Throw in some friends, food and a little Bollywood flair for a unique and affordable party.

Parcheesi Party Ideas 

Go Vintage

Ratrace by Waddington's has got to be one of my all time favorite games. It is so FUN! Sooooooooooo F-U-N! I don't think I've ever seen another game evoke such raw emotion ... laughing, shouting, wails of despair, cries of victory.

The game mimics the ratrace of life. It is all about social climbing and acquiring enough money to retire. You can choose the safe way to build wealth or risk it all by betting on the horses. 

With the popularity of "Apprentice,' I don't know why they don't revive this game, but at the moment it is not available in stores. The good news, however ... I've seen vintage copies of it on ebay. It's worth looking into. You won't need any other entertainment for your party. 

Clue Board Game Party with a Twist

Clue has an interesting cast of characters with a mystery to solve. 

Invite each of your guests to come as one of the characters....

...Mr. Green, Mrs. Peabody, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White... 

Miss Scarlet Clue Party Invitation

Clue Party Invitation

Miss Scarlett Clue Game T-Shirt

Senorita Scarlett T-Shirt

Be creative. Who doesn't love the idea of a ginger Senorita Scarlett?

Why not set up various rooms (as noted on the board) for your guests to travel through as the game unfolds? 

These changes will add a whole new dimension to this old classic. 

More Clue Boardgame Party Ideas 

Scrabble Party

Invite your friends out for a night of Scrabble. Start the competition early by making paper scrabble tiles and enclosing them in the invitations.

scrabble board game

Instruct your guests-to-be to put together the highest scoring word they can using the letters you've included with their invitation. Let them know there will be a special prize for the person with the highest scoring word.

Send everyone the same letters or randomly select 7 or 8 letters per person and be sure to include at least one vowel. (You may also want to deduct points for unused letters). 

Printable Scrabble Tiles for Scrabble Party Invitation 
Scrabble Board Games

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Try Something New

Speed Scrabble - a fast-paced variation of the classic game of Scrabble. 

Pictionary Plus

I have found that no matter how artistic (or not so artistic) people are, most enjoy games that require drawing and guessing. "Unskilled' artists usually bring a great deal of laughter to the game. 

Invite your guests for a night of Pictionary or Pictionary Plus. Send a marker with a 1" strip of paper or ribbon wrapped around it with the details of your party. 'Who, What, Where' is another board game that adds a slight twist to the classic game of pictionary. 

If you can, borrow or buy an easel and a large chalk board or drawing pad (usually both available at office supply stores.) 

Other games that involve drawing and guessing include: 
Oodles of Doodles, Win, Lose or Draw, and Cranium 

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Todd's Picks / Board Game Madness

Todd from Board Game Madness was kind enough to send the following board game party suggestions. Hope you'll find them useful.

If I were putting together a girls' board game party night, I'd pick up a few of these (caution: I'm not a girl):

Fluxx by Looney Labs - very light filler card game by hippies. It's adorable.

Nobody But Us Chickens by Dancing Eggplant Games - light bluffing card game. Everyone has a handful of chickens, a fox, a rat, and a guard dog. Good for mixed groups of kids and adults.

Can't Stop by Parker Brothers - out of print, so that's Ebay or thrift stores, or Mom and Dad's attic. Great press-your-luck dice game.

Apples to Apples by Out Of the Box Games (#ad) - Everything these guys make would probably work for a party, but I like Apples to Apples the best.

Thanks Todd! 

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