Girls Night Out Activities

Girls Night Out

Are you looking for some fun activities and unique ideas for a girls night out? Then, you've come to the right place.

Some ideas will challenge you. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you feel like a kid again. Each one will create an amazing memory that will last a lifetime and increase the bond you already share with your friends.

Do you have a favorite place you like to go with your friends for a girls' night. Please share them with us. We'd love to create a global collection of fun locations to chill out with the girls.

Girls Night Out Pole Dancing Lessons

Find a studio or hire a professional to come your home. Either way, you'll have the time of your life mixing fitness with fun.

You might even want to go all out and plan a pole dance party.

Crazy Bowl

Crazy bowl is bowling with a twist, a twist that turns traditional into hysterical. For instructions and ideas on hosting this unique girls night out activity click here.

International Girls Night Out

Pick a nationality. Example: French ... Dress french. Learn some french. Go to a french restaurant. Buy or borrow a french poodle (real or stuffed). Get a french manicure. Go to a movie with french subtitles. Do everything french.

Girls' Night Out French Lesson

Don't want to go French? How about Greek, Italian, Dutch, East Indian, Chinese?

Note: 'TravLang-Foreign Languages for Travellers' has an awesome lineup of languages you can learn, including soundbites. There is a fair amount of advertisement, etc. on their site, but well worth it if you want to learn some words in different languages. They have 80 languages to choose from.

Girls' Night Out Language Tutor

Taste Test Safari

Get together with a group of friends and have each person select an exotic (or not so exotic) food they have never tried before. Create a list. Load into one or more vehicles and start your Taste Test Safari. Go to different locations to sample each food.

Note: Some foods may be harder to locate then others. Use the yellow pages if you have to. Stop and ask for recommendations. Try to find every food on your list, even if you have to be very creative!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Ahead of time, have a group of friends each select one location or more that had special significance in their life. (eg. where they went to kindergarten, where they were proposed to, where they got their first kiss, etc.). Map out a travel itinerary and invite them out one night to begin a special trip down memory lane.

Note: You will probably have to set a distance limit, depending on how much time you have and/or how adventurous you are. It will definitely be an incredible bonding experience. There's nothing like reliving special moments with your friends.

Alias Girls Night Out

Ask each friend to take on a new name and personality. Have them dress up and go out for the night as these characters. Even if you come across someone you know that evening you must only refer to yourselves as these new people. Resist the urge to explain. You should take on these new characters completely. The more you do, the more fun it will be.

Note: If you can afford it get a wig. It will enhance your alias persona even more!

Diva Drive-In Gala Night Out

Ask your friends to dress up in their best night-on-the-town outfits. Rent a limousine. Make or order in luxury foods and beverages to take along. Pick up each one of your girl friends at their individual homes and head to the drive-in for a gala night out under the stars.

Note: Too expensive? Have everyone chip in an equal amount for the cost of the evening and it will become quite affordable.

Girls' Night Out Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt can be the best idea for getting out and about with the girls. Plan an Around Town Scavenger Hunt or... for the more daring among you... a Girls Road Trip Scavenger Hunt, a Girls' Night Out Scavenger Hunt, or a Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt.

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