Halloween Party Game Ideas

Halloween party game ideas to entertain your ghoul friends.  A new game will be added everyday till October 31, 2022, so check back often.

Smiling Lighted Halloween Pumpkins Party Display

Halloween Left Right Games

NEW Legend of Sleepy Hollow Left Right Game - Gift passing game based on the classic story by Washington Irving. Free printable version of the game included.

Haunted Museum Left Right Game - Printable game available at Party Fun Printables.

Halloween Picture Puzzle Games

NEW Halloween Picture Puzzle Game - 12 images clues for 12 Halloween related words ranging from easy to moderately challenging.

Sample Halloween Picture Puzzle Clue for Candle

A tin can plus a Russian doll = can + doll which sounds like candle. ANSWER: candle

Fun Halloween Party Door Prize Idea

Spider in an Ice Cube Halloween Punch
  • Make a bowl of punch.
  • Add ice cubes colored dark purple or any dark color you can't see through.
  • Freeze a plastic spider In one ice cube.
  • Serve the punch to your guests.
  • The person with the spider wins the door prize.

Halloween Scavenger Hunts

Around Town Halloween Hunt Ideas

Halloween Clue Hunt - Host a spooky outdoor Halloween hunt with these rhyming Halloween clues. Play  after dark to make it extra fun.

Halloween Trivia

NEW Halloween Movie Trivia Game - Guess the spooky films from their synonymous titles. Free printable version of the game and answers included.

NEW Black Cat Trivia - A who am I style trivia game with free printable.

Witches Brew Trivia Game - Guess what cocktails the witches have brewed up. Printable game available at Party Fun Printables.

More Halloween Games

Ghost Story Mad Lib - You'll laugh out loud at the spooky stories you'll create by choosing random words and then adding them to the blanks in this Halloween game.

Halloween Family Feud Game - Survey says questions and answers with a Halloween theme.

NEW Halloween Pass the Gift Game Poem - Rhyming verse game for 10 or more players. A fun way to share treats and gag gifts at a Halloween party. Could also be played white elephant style.

NEW Halloween Ring a Bell Icebreaker - A list of scenarios to get guests talking and sharing. Best, most, etc. wins a prize.

NEW Would You Rather Halloween Game - Guests choose between two Halloween themed scenarios. Instructions and printable list, game cards,  and score cards included.

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