Ghost Story Mad Lib

A Funny "Scary" Story Game

Halloween madlibs
Read the ghost story that inspired this ghost story mad lib game.

Scream with laughter! Play ghost story mad libs with your friends at home, at camp, at a party, or anywhere you dare.

To be sure your story does not have an unfortunate outcome, follow the instructions carefully.

Fill in the word list first, before you scroll down to the story.

Remember, if you're tempted to cheat... someone's watching you.

If you've never played this game before, please take a moment to read the ghost story mad lib instructions and brush up on your parts of speech.

The more closely you follow the instructions, the funnier your stories will be!

Tips to make your story turn out better:

Don't use -ing verbs, like singing, unless you are asked specifically for an -ing verb. Also, always be careful to use the tense of verb you are asked for.

Important Note:

Word number (01) is repeated several times in the story. When transferring it from your word list to your story, be aware of that and watch for it.

Hope your story has a... happy ending!

Ghost Story Mad Lib Word List

Fill in the blanks below with the words and parts of speech
noted beside each blank.

_______________(01) room or building (eg. barn, attic)

_______________(02) adjective

_______________(03) adjective

_______________(04) something that gives off an odor

_______________(05) adjective

_______________(06) adjective

_______________(07) thing (singular noun)

_______________(08) thing (singular noun)

_______________(09) adjective

_______________(10) present tense verb

_______________(11) past tense verb

_______________(12) number

_______________(13) body part

_______________(14) past tense (-ed) verb

_______________(15) adverb

_______________(16) present tense verb

_______________(17) adjective

_______________(18) thing (singular noun)

_______________(19) thing (singular noun)

_______________(20) present tense verb

_______________(21) -ing verb

_______________(22) present tense verb

_______________(23) past tense verb

_______________(24) past tense verb

_______________(25) present tense verb

_______________(26) name of someone you know

_______________(27) -ing verb

_______________(28) past tense verb

_______________(29) past tense verb

_______________(30) past tense verb

_______________(31) past tense verb

_______________(32) body part

_______________(33) -ing verb

_______________(34) adjective

_______________(35) -ing verb

_______________(36) adverb

_______________(37) name of someone you know

_______________(38) -ing verb

_______________(39) things (plural noun)

_______________(40) thing (singular noun)

Ghost Story Mad Lib Story

Transfer your word list answers to the corresponding numbers
in the story below.

We weren’t allowed to go in the _______________(01) and we really

didn’t want to—it was _______________(02) and _______________(03)

and smelled like (a) _______________(04).

The steps leading down into the ___________(01) were ___________(05)

and there was a _______________(06) _______________(07) next to the

_______________(08). It felt _______________(09) and we wanted to


We ____________(11) toward the ____________(01), ____________(12)

steps at a time till our _______________s(13) _______________(14)

_______________(15) and we were too scared to _______________(16).

There was always a _______________(17) _______________(18) coming up

from below the _______________(19) and we weren’t brave enough to

_______________(20) it.

One day there was a _______________(21) sound. It was coming from the

_______________(01). We wanted to know what was making the sound,

but we were afraid we might _____________(22). We ______________(23)

and _____________(24), but each time the fear would _____________(25)

over us, and we would back away, terrified.

Finally, _______________(26) decided to face the fear and go down to

the _______________(01). When we didn't hear _______________(27) we

became encouraged and followed behind, praying we would not be

_______________(28) by whatever it was that _______________(29) and

_______________(30) down there. When we made it to the very bottom,

we _______________(31), _______________s(32) wrapped tightly around

each other, barely _______________(33).

Then, we saw it. It was _____________(34) and it was ____________(35)


We moved closer, we couldn’t breathe . . .

It was _____________(37) _____________(38) the ______________(39)

in the _______________(40).


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