Fun Activities to Share with Good Friends

Build Relationships with Fun and Interactive Activities

girls night activities

Through the years I've enjoyed sharing many fun, rewarding and relationship-building social gatherings with my friends. I have fond memories of the activities we engaged in and I hope that after trying them you will too.

girls having fun

An enjoyable time with friends can be as simple as sipping a hot beverage and chatting at a local coffee shop or staying up all night watching movies and reminiscing about important and trivial moments in your lives.

Friends should be celebrated often, so be sure to plan an event or get-together at least once a month to keep your friendship bonds strong.

... Oh... and once a year plan to do something special or thoughtful for your friends on National Women's Friendship Day!

P.S. If you and your friends have any favorite activities, we'd love to hear about them.  Contact us and share them. There's girls all over the world who'd love to hear your ideas.

Shoot a Fun Video

girl shooting video

Invite your friends over for a night of creativity. Discuss some fun ideas for a video and then start shooting. When you've completed the video, show it off at YouTube. If you're not shy, send us a link to your video and we just might post it here. 

Ice Cream Social

caramel sundae for an ice cream social

Plan a good old-fashioned ice cream social. Set up your patio or a section of your yard for relaxation and conversation. 

Play lawn games like horseshoes, croquet, bocci, lawn darts, badminton, etc. Refresh yourselves with delicious homemade lemonade(don't forget the pretty umbrellas). And of course, serve a scrumptious buffet of ice cream and toppings. 

You might want to ask each of your friends to bring their favorite lawn games and two ice cream toppings (or provide everything yourself, if you'd like). Also, be sure to remind everyone to bring a lawn chair.

Ice Cream Social Party Ideas 

Online Shopping

lap top for online shopping

Arrange to meet your best friends on the web at an instant messenger site or on any social networking platform. Go web shopping together. It's so fun!

Find something you all like at an online auction and start a bidding war.

BONUS: This is a great way to find and purchase perfect gifts for your friends without them knowing. 

Why not IM your BFFs right now and challenge them to a friendly 
bidding war on one of these trendy fashion accessories...

greeting card for a baby shower

Card Shopping

Go to a card shop with a few friends and take the time to read through tons of cards together.

You'll have a good laugh and be able to stock up on cards for all those upcoming occasions. 

Glamor Shots

Invite your best friends over for a photo shoot. Ask everyone to bring their favorite diva outfits and accessories. (Tiaras and boas are a fun addition.) Set up some great backgrounds. Don't forget the cameras ... and lots of film! 

EXTRA: Schedule a scrapbooking party for a few weeks later to review and record those fab pics. 

Diva Girl Calendar Shoot

diva photo shoot model

Get your friends together to shoot a Diva Girl calendar. It makes an awesome keepsake and is so fun to put together. Have all your friends bring hair stuff, makeup, fun accessories, and some props for setting scenes for months like December(Christmas), October (Halloween), and July (beachwear)

A digital camera is best because you could see how the pictures are turning out ahead of time, but any camera will do. Take some single shots and some group shots.

If you have a decent computer with the ability to edit pictures, you can even give each other fun "model" names and add them to the pictures in your calendar. 

Second-Hand Fashion Show

second hand dress for fashion show

Meet at one location. Divide into 2 or more groups. Name a budget (to be verified by receipts later). Allot a certain time limit and the fun begins. 

Each team must come up with the best fashion show possible by using only items purchased that day from second-hand shops. They must return with all receipts to verify that they stayed within the budget agreed upon. 

Plan a fashion show for later that day or evening. At least one in each group will have to model the outfits and at least one will have to serve as the MC. 

Note: You can choose to come up with outrageous outfits, classy outfits, sporty outfits, whatever. It's a lot of fun, especially if the teams are creative in describing the outfits as they are modelled. 

Portrait of a Victorian Afternoon

Victrian tea party set

Get together with your friends and go to a specialized portrait studio where they have Victorian costumes for you to dress up in. Have your picture taken together and be sure to have copies made for everyone.

Afterwards, stop at a tea house and share some great conversation, blissful relaxation and, of course, a warm cup of delicious tea. 

Note: You may have to book an appointment at the portrait studio. 

More Activities to Share with Friends

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