Fun Party Games and Icebreakers

Live, Laugh, Play!

Party games can really liven up a social event, especially if they involve everyone. The games listed below do just that so prepare yourself for the unexpected and most of all have fun.

Women Dancing Party Fun

One super fun girls night game I recently discovered is What's a Dame to Do?!

This is one of the best adult party games I've found in ages, and best of all... it was created for women.

It is such a fun game for connecting with friends and is guaranteed to have you doubling over with laughter. I highly recommend it!

Find out more about What's a Dame to Do?!

For even MORE party game fun, Girlfriend's Intuition will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

My friend's and I had SO MUCH FUN playing this game that we had a hard time keeping the husband's from wanting to play too.

This is a GIRLS NIGHT game that you MUST try! I give it a definite DIVA stamp of approval. 

Handbag Bingo

purse party games

Make bingo cards on full size sheets of paper. All squares will be left blank except for the center FREE square. Also, cut up some small squares of paper. You'll need 200 or more (depending on how many guests you have). Give 1 bingo card and 24 squares of paper to each of your guests. Have them take items from their handbag and lay them on the bingo squares and then write each of the items on the squares of paper and pass them to you.

Items might include:
A penny, pencil, dollar bill, lipstick, credit card, gum, driver's license, library card, brush, candy, bobby pin, etc.

When everyone's cards are ready, throw the pieces of paper in a bowl or hat and start drawing and calling out the items. As someone's item is called they can remove it from their bingo card. First person with an empty row wins!

Note: Some girls don't carry as much as others in their handbags. It may be a stretch for some to come up with 24 items. Encourage them to use a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter as separate items. (Therefore, be sure your guests write down the denomination of their coin and not just 'coin.') It's amazing how many items can be found even in the lightest handbag, but if someone absolutely can't come up with 24 items, have them borrow from others in the group.

Also note: There will probably be a lot of duplicate pieces of paper in your draw bowl/hat. Eliminate them as they are handed to you or as you draw them from the bowl.

Printable Bingo Cards

P.S. If you are looking for more Handbag Party Games you might want to try our free printable Pack Rat Paradise game. It's our version of a Handbag or Purse Scavenger Hunt.

New Interactive Party Games

Icebreaker Game

gold bell with wooden handle Easy Ring a Bell icebreaker. No skill required. Discover what guest best fits a certain scenario and reward them with a small. Lists available for a variety of different occasions and events.

Diva Girl Family Feud

silver desk bell

The Diva Girl Family Feud survey is complete and you can now use the results to play Family Feud at your next all girl party.

Friendship Newlywed Game

A fun game for those who think they know their friends better than anyone else. This Friendship Newlywed Game is played just like the newlywed game for couples , except that questions are geared to friends.

Who Where Why Game

truth or dare card game

Click Here to Try this Truth or Dare Like Card Game

Share Conversation

A fun conversation starter and party icebreaker game. Draw a share card from the pile and share about the topic specified on the Share Game card.

Girls Fun Lib

If you enjoy madlibs, then you'll love this great girls party icebreaker ... Girls Fun Lib!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a fun party game that creates a humorous story by using word substitutions. It is great for any size group and is even fun to play alone. Try one of our Free Printable Mad Libs at your next party or gathering.

Lingerie Party Games

Add some spice to your next all girl party and try one of our Lingerie Party Games.

Beauty Trivia

Test your knowledge of beauty products and companies with this fun, informative beauty quiz.

MORE TRIVIA for Girl Parties

Parlour Games

Make your next home party fun and memorable by including some good old-fashioned parlour games.

Truth or Dare

This is one of those classic party games will put you on the edge of your seat every time. For those of you who struggle to come up with great ideas for truths and dares, there is a cool online Truth or Dare game that allows you to choose a rating of G, PG, etc. The site then supplies you with the truth and dare questions in real time. There is a 30 second wait time between questions for non-paying users (not bad). If you can set up a computer in your party area, you won't have to make a list of questions ahead of time or be stumped when it comes to your turn to make up a truth or dare. Play it online or get ideas from the site. Check it out here.

More Fun Truth or Dare Style Party Games

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Invite a group of friends to participate in a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Divide into as many teams as you'd like. Each team will need a camera and a list of things to photograph. You can make it easy or difficult. For a sample list click below.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Checklist

NOTE: Suggest that each team take two photos of each required photo just in case one doesn't turn out. Set a time limit for the Scavenger Hunt and a point value for each photo ahead of time. Meet back at a One-Hour Photo Shop at a specified time. While you're waiting for the photos to develop have a bite to eat together. Winning team is the one with the most points. If there's a tie, vote on the craziest, most unbelievable photo.

More Diva Girl Scavenger Hunts

Nursery Rhyme Games

Penny Game

Ask each of your guests to bring 1 roll of pennies (50 pennies), no further instructions. When you're ready to play the game hand out a list the same or similar to the one below and have your guests start checking their pennies. Each penny can only score in one category. Person with the most points wins.

Penny Scoring Checklist

All pennies from a foreign country - 10 points @
All pennies dated 1991-1999 - 5 points @
All pennies dated 1981-1989 - 10 points @
All pennies dated 1971-1979 - 15 points @
All pennies dated 1961-1969 - 15 points @
All pennies dated 2000, 1990, 1980, 1970 - 25 points @
All pennies dated 1950-1960 - 35 points @
All pennies dated 1949 and older - 50 points @
All 1967 Canadian pennies - 40 points @
All 1976 American pennies - 40 points @
All shiny 'brand new looking' pennies - 5 points @

Note: Depending on your guests, you could give all of the pennies to the winner. If so, it might be a good idea to announce that at the beginning of the game, just in case there's a reason why someone does not want to give up their pennies.



Drama in a Bag Party Games

Before guests arrive put five or more random items in each of 2 or more shopping bags. It doesn't matter what you put in the bags, just be sure that each bag contains different items. Divide your guests into teams (one team per bag). Instruct the teams that they have 10 minutes (or whatever amount of time you decide on) to create a skit using all of the items in the bag and all of the members on the team.

Variation 1:
Commercial in a bag - have your guests do a commercial following the specifications noted above.

Variation 2:
Have each guest bring a random item. Divide your guests into teams and have them use these items to create a skit or commercial.

Candy Bar Games

Purchase 10 to 20 candy bars ... more if you like. Come up with a definition for each one. Keep the candy bars hidden as you call out the definitions. When someone guesses correctly, give them the corresponding candy bar.
NOTE: You may have to limit how many candy bars one person can win. There are some chocolate fanatics out there.

Sample definitions:
1. Get a goal in a game (Skor)
2. A famous swashbuckling trio of old (3 Musketeers)
3. Peculiar laughter (Snickers)
4. Almost between (Twix)
5. Nuts belonging to two female pronouns (Hershey's Almonds)
6. What you inevitably want to do when you're on a diet (Eatmore)
7. Bovine juice (Dairy Milk)
8. Warm embraces (Hugs)
9. Wise guys (Smarties)
10. A famous author (O'Henry)
11. Red planet (Mars)
12. A feline (Kit Kat)
13. An evening vision (Dream)
14. Vigor/Energy (Pep)
15. A desert illusion (Mirage)
16. Two minus two (Zero)
17. Caffeine Brittle (Coffee Crisp)
18. Contained in a quiver (Aero
19. Large married man (Mr. Big)
20. Bright red fruit flower (Cherry Blossom)

Name That Candy Bar Game - Fun definitions for an additional 40 more types of candy and chocolate bars.

NOTE: It is easiest to go out and buy several different candy bars and then try and come out with definitions. I've had to come up with numerous definitions over the years. If you need help with finding a definition for a candy bar e-mail me below.

Murder Mystery Party Games

Fanastic all-inclusive murder mysteries for girls' night events, holiday parties, mixed parties and more. These Murder Mystery party games include invitations and loads of party planning ideas. There's also great support for all of your murder mystery party questions.

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Princess Tea Party Games

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