Dice Games

Dice Games

Dice games are a fun pastime that require very little preparation and rarely more supplies than paper, pencils, and a set of dice. Next time you're looking for a fast and easy game to play with your friends, try one of these games.

Race to 100 Dice Game

Pass out a sheet of paper to every player. You will also need ONE pencil and ONE dice. Players sit around a table and take turns rolling the dice. If they get a six they start writing 1, 2, 3.... to 100 as fast as they can as the dice continues to move around the table. If someone else gets a six, they take the pencil away and start writing. The first player to get to 100 wins.

Liar's Dice

A game of deception, recently brought into the spotlight when it was featured on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Diva Girl Dice Game

'Diva Girl' is similar to the popular dice game Beetle. You will need one die (for all players to share) and a paper and pencil for each player. The objective is to be the first player to complete the drawing of a DIVA GIRL.

The Diva Girl consists of thirteen parts: body, head, hair, two eyes, two arms, two legs, two hands and two feet. In order to draw each part, you must roll the correct corresponding number with the die. Those corresponding numbers are as follows:

Diva Girl Dice Game

1 for the body
2 for the head
3 for each arm and leg
4 for each eye
5 for each hand and foot
6 for the hair
In order to complete a Diva Girl drawing a player must roll a 1, a 2, four 3s, two 4s, four 5s, and a 6.

Players take turns rolling the die, and each player rolls the die only once per round.

A player must roll a 1 before she may start her drawing. This is the body and from there all other parts can be added except for the hair and the eyes. A player must also roll a 2 (which is the head) before she can add the hair and the eyes.

A round ends when someone completes the drawing of a Diva Girl. This person scores 13 points and all other players score 1 point for each body part drawn.

Rounds continue till someone reaches 51 points.

P.S. You don't have to be an artist to play as you can see by the example above.

Triple Toss Dice Game

Triple Toss is very similar to the game of Boston, except with a twist ... an extra triple factor.

You will need three dice for this game.

The first player rolls all three dice at once. She then puts the die with highest number aside (If there are doubles, only one is put aside.) and rolls the remaining two. Again, she puts the die with highest number aside and rolls the remaining die. This completes her turn and the total of the three dice are her score.

Twist: If a player has three 3s at the completion of her turn, she may triple her score for a total score of eighteen. Also, if a player rolls triple 3s on her first throw, she may start again and then add 9 points to her final score.

All players take their turn and the player with the highest score wins that round. Decide beforehand how many rounds you want to play. The player who wins the most rounds is the winner of the game.

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