Over 100 Fun Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunt Ideas for All Ages

Printable Scavenger Hunt Lists for Every Party and Event

Scavenger hunts are always a fun party game. They involve everyone and awaken the detective and adventurer within.

Female Scavenger Hunter with a Magnifying Glass in Hand

There are unlimited variations and possibilities to build a scavenger hunt around. From mall hunts to holiday hunts, video hunts to clue hunts, outdoor hunts to indoor hunts, and road trip to around town hunts.

Like I said, the possibilities are limitless.

We have over 100 scavenger hunt lists and ideas for you to try. Most of them are printable and free. Use them as they are or change them to suit your event.

Need a little direction?   Start with our list of rules.

Note to our creative, adventurous visitors... if you've hosted a successful scavenger hunt or written up a fun list and would like to share, please do so here.

Downloadable Scavenger Hunt Clues and Riddles by Riddle Me

Around Town & Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts

Around Town HUNT

Around Town Scavenger Hunt Whimsical Town Scene

Scavenger hunt list includes 21 items to find and 11 photos to take as well as tips to increase difficulty.

Start planning your around town scavenger hunt here!


Door to Door Scavenger Hunt Doorway

Collect list items by going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

Get your list started with these 30 door-to-door scavenger hunt ideas. 


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Row of Houses

How to plan a neighborhood scavenger hunt in your own area, a commercial district, an historical neighborhood, or any interesting location. 

printable girls road trip scavenger hunt list
  • Fall Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - This is a great way to get to know your neighbors better. Teams go door-to-door asking for items on their list (only one item per house). Divide into teams. Set a strict time limit and deduct 1 point for every minute a team is late. Be polite and courteous and make it clear to the people who give you their stuff, that it will not be returned. The printable list is a combination outdoor and door-to-door neighborhood. Teams will need bags, a checklist and a pen. The winning team is the team with the most points. If there is a tie, the winning team is the team who returns first. Have fun and enjoy connecting with your neighbors. 

  • Girls Road Trip Scavenger Hunt - Head for the open road with a girls road trip list and a dozen or more of your friends. The combination item, photo, video, signature hunt will challenge you and add to the adventure of an outing with the girls. 

  • Girls Night Out List - see below under Video Hunts.

  • Mall Scavenger Hunts - These can be a blast as long as certain rules are followed. They mix the fun of shopping with the challenge of competing in a time limited game. There are several lists to choose from, including printable invitations. 

  • Mall Hunt for Teens and Adults - A list that includes trivia, search and find, and glamor shots.

  • Red Hat Society Scavenger Hunt - A challenging list of photos to take and items to find for girls 50 and over, who still know how to have FUN. A printable list is also available upon request.

  • DIY Escape Room Game Kits

    Holiday Hunts

  • Christmas Hide and Go Seek Your Gift

  • Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt
  • Christmas Video Scavenger Hunt - Teams compete to capture a list of Christmas related scenarios on video, while enlisting the help of kind and willing strangers.

  • Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Have your guests spot for unusual Christmas items that you've set up around the room prior to their arrival.

  • Christmas Treasure Hunt Ideas - Gift hunt riddles, secret Santa and food bank hunts, and more.

  • Resurrection Eggs Scavenger Hunt - Find eggs with hidden clues to hidden items based on the Easter story.

  • Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt - Solve clues that lead around the house to a final location where family Easter treats are hidden.

  • Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt - Popular romantic love song lyrics are missing words. Have teams fill in the missing words on the list and find or photograph the items they represent.

    Scavenger Hunts for Kids

    Scavenger Hunt Clue Software
    Treasure Hunt Riddles
    7,500 Clues Using Household Items
    Create Unforgettable Party Games
    with this Riddle Creator
  • Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt - Combine the excitement a treasure hunt with the extra fun of glow in the dark paint and toys. Several ideas and variations are noted.

  • Nature - see below under Outdoor Hunts.

  • Winter - see below under Outdoor Hunts.

  • Recycling - see below under Outdoor Hunts. 

    ***Host a Kids' Treasure Hunt Party complete with a treasure chest pinata and treasure map placemats. I a treasure chest pinata is a fun touch. Fill it with sweet, treasures, or possibly clues that lead to treasure hidden elsewhere. 
  • My mom threw me a scavenger hunt birthday party and used materials from
    this site. It was the best, so what I am trying to say is thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ S.T.

    Indoor Hunts

    baby shower purse scavenger hunt game
  • Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt - 13 rhyming clues related to babies that lead to things found in a women's purse. A fun challenging game that doesn't require guests to search through your cupboards and closets.

  • Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt - under Miscellaneous 

  • Handbag - see below under Printable.

  • Magazine Hunt Ideas - Make a list of items to search for in magazines (ie. a bearded man, an orchid, lace gloves, a woman sitting on a car). If you are throwing a theme party, pick items related to your theme. Divide your guests into teams or let them play solo. You'll need a stack of magazines and some scissors, if possible. Hand out the lists. Instruct your guests to cut or rip out each item as they find it. First team to find all of the items wins! Variations: Set a time limit. The team to find the most items wins! Make a list of words instead of pictures. Use newspapers instead of magazines.

  • Newspaper Scavenger Hunt for a Diva Party - A list of items to clip associated with divas.

  • Newspaper Hunt (General) - Distribute newspapers, scissors, and a list to guests and have them compete to be the first team to find and cut out everything on the list. A free printable list is available by clicking HERE.

  • Internet Hunts

  • Christmas Internet Scavenger Hunt - Play to receive a free mini Christmas pencil puzzle ebook.

  • Miscellaneous Hunts

  • ABC Scavenger Hunt - Pick a theme or a location. Set a time limit and give each team a list lettered A to Z. The challenge: Find one item beginning with each letter. Send the teams out into a park, have them scour the mall or have them search their own belongings only. Indoors or traveling in a vehicle, you could have them list things they can see from where they are sitting. The possibilities are endless for this one. Be prepared though, some of the letters will challenge the creativity of your teams for certain.

  • Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt - An indoor hunt that requires looking for items guests may have with them at the shower. Perfect for getting your guests to loosen up and mingle.

  • Bridal Shower Purse Game - What's in a bride's purse? This handbag hunt provides a checklist that challenges guests to find both popular and unusual items in their purses and can even be personalized for your shower.
  • Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt - A fun game for a clean night out with the girls before the big event. Involves looking for items and the use of either photo or video.

  • Find Me Hunt - This Find Me hunt involves going to your chosen location prior to your hunt and photographing small pieces of objects and structures you find there.

  • Sounds Surround Hunt - Sounds surround us everywhere. This game challenges teams to record specific sounds within a certain area and time frame.

  • Outdoor Hunts

  • Glow in the Dark Game - see above under Hunts for Kids.

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt - If you're going to be in the great outdoors around plenty of trees and wide open spaces, a Nature Hunt is the perfect idea for exploring your surroundings while engaging in some friendly competition. Always remember to take plenty of safety precautions. Nature is beautiful, but also unpredictable.

  • Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt - Have participants search for colored ice cubes with varying point values. Make them yourself or purchase some cool light up cubes. They'll make a great take home favor after the party.

  • Recycle Scavenger Hunt - If you want to have fun and do something good for the environment too, plan a Recycle Hunt. Pick a location, hand out the appropriate bags and see which team can collect the most recyclable items in a designated amount of time (properly sorted, of course).

  • Photo Scavenger Hunts

  • Mall Photo Hunts - see Mall above under Around Town

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt - Capture scenarios involving your team on film with either objects or strangers.

  • Printable Scavenger Hunts

    Signature Hunts

  • 15 Minutes of Fame Hunt - Your goal for this hunt is to get the autographs of people who have experienced "15 minutes of fame."

  • Beat That Hunt - This hunt is driven by friendly competition and one-upmanship. Teams try to improve on each others finds in order to get the upper hand.

  • Video Scavenger Hunts

  • Christmas Video Hunt - see above under Holiday Hunts.

  • Girls Night Out Scavenger Hunt - A fun set of challenges to capture on video around town. You'll enjoy watching them together later as you determine the winning team. 



    Math Detective Hunt

    Make a list of questions about locations in your town. Create a math problem to coincide with these questions. 

    The number of flags on the Court House 
    The number of gas stations on John Street between Main Street and George Street
    The number of floors at the Ramada Inn on Riverside Drive
    The number of car wash booths at Dave's Car Wash 
    Etc., etc., etc.

    Pick at least ten places and be sure that each of your math calculations work out to whole numbers. Make a list for each team and send them out. First team back with the correct answer wins! 

    Note: If a team comes back with the wrong answer they can go back out and try to get it right (as long as a winner has not yet been declared). 

    It may be necessary to supply a map of the town, depending on how familiar your guests are with the streets. 

    Graveyard Scavenger Hunt

    Create a list of at least 10 items with instructions like this:

    • Find a tombstone dated from 1859-______ 
    • Find a tombstone listing a couple named Mary and Peter 
    • Find an epitaph with the word 'love' in it
    • Find a tombstone with a picture of an animal on it
    • Find the tombstone of a baby 
    • Find a tombstone with more than three names listed

    Pick a graveyard to meet at. Divide into teams and start hunting. 

    You may have to ask for teams to list details on each find to be able to verify the winner. One idea would be to have them do a rubbing of the tombstone. (Lay a piece of paper over the lettering and rub a crayon or pencil over it. The etching should show through enough to verify the find.) Also, you could get the teams to photograph or video tape their finds. It's up to you. 

    Printable Graveyard Hunt 

    Scavenger Hunts for Junior Divas

    See Penny Shopping Game 

    Note: This hunt could easily be tailored to an older crowd. After all, every girl loves to shop. 

    Also see Jigsaw Puzzle Hunt 

    A jigsaw puzzle hunt combines the fun of hunting with the challenge of solving. 

    Park Scavenger Hunt Clues

    Sample Park Clue Hunt - Team 1 
    Park Clues - Team 2
    Park Clues - Team 3
    Park Clues - Team 4
    Park Clues - Team 5
    Park Clues - Team 6
    Team Trail Markers

    Note: This Park Clue Hunt is an example to give you ideas on setting up your own clue based hunt. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the pages. See above under printable for instructions on how to download your own free Adobe Reader.

    Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Lists for Scavenger Hunts

    More Hunts

    Questions and Answers

    Click below to see other ideas, questions, and answers.

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    My daughter is having a Halloween party and she wants groups of people to go up and down the street (to people's homes) for simple things around the …

    Family Vacation Scavenger Hunt  
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    Scavenger Hunt Las Vegas 
    I am coordinating a hunt on the main strip of Las Vegas for 10 teams (2 per team). Up and down the casino's. I'm having trouble coming up with outrageous …

    College Treasure Hunt 
    I am planning a College Treasure Hunt. The hunt will be held on the college campus which is around 800-1000 acres or maybe more. I would like …

    Nature Woods Outdoor Hunt 
    Me and my sister are throwing a birthday party for my other sister who is turning 15. We have lots of siblings of all ages so we want to plan a fun outdoor …

    Business Scavenger Hunt 
    I own an advertising company. I want to design a business hunt that will incorporate many of my clients and drive traffic to their locations. …

    New York City Item Hunt 
    We need a list of items for adults to find in New York City. We will be handing out cloth bags to collect the items in. We are staying at The …

    Everywhere Night Scavenger Hunt 
    I need scary, fun, dumb ideas for a hunt at night around a busy town. There will be three teams of 7 and we are willing to do anything for fun! Everywhere

    Around Town Halloween Hunt 
    I need an around town halloween hunt list for adults (boys vs girls). Around Town Halloween Hunt Response: Hi Amber! There are two hunts …

    Mall Picture Hunt 
    I need a list for a mall picture hunt. I am having a 13th birthday party and I would like it to be a mall picture hunt. I would like …

    Island Theme 
    I live on an island about the size of Iceland. We have mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, a deep sea port and beautiful countryside meadows …

    Church Indoor Hunt 
    I am trying to find a hunt for 3rd-6th grade kids to do at church. Needs to be 20-30 minutes long. Church Indoor Hunt Response: There are …

    ATV Club Scavenger Hunt  
    We want to hold an ATV Club Hunt using our four wheelers on our club trails. We are all adults and there are usually 35-50 members who participate …

    Purple Mall Scavenger Hunt. 
    I need a list of things, like a checklist of things you can find in a mall that are purple. They have to be purple. Purple Mall Scavenger Hunt

    Outdoor Hunt for Guys and Girls 
    I need ideas asap for an outdoor hunt for guys and girls over the age of 18. I need funny, quirky things to do, photograph or collect... I have …

    Sweet 16 Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt 
    I need a list for Daytona Beach, Florida for a sweet 16 party. There are plenty of shops, stores, beaches, boardwalks, rides and games with about 20 people …

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