Around Town Halloween Hunt

by Amber

Around Town Halloween Hunt

Around Town Halloween Hunt

I need an around town halloween hunt list for adults (boys vs girls).

Around Town Halloween Hunt Response:

Hi Amber!

There are two hunts on my scavenger hunt site that would suit this request perfectly. You can check out my halloween scavenger hunt and my halloween costume hunt at Scavenger Hunt Fun.

There is also a Halloween Riddle Hunt at Scavenger Hunt Fun which is a bit harder because the riddles have to be solved before the items can be found.

You can even use some printable Halloween games as challenges similar to the Amazing Race.

Halloween Party Games Pack: over 50 printables for all the family!

For the young (or young at heart) there is even a printable Halloween clue hunt available for you to use.


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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas
by: Jessica Lynn -- Riverview, NB, Canada

You need at least 6 people, including yourself and then you and your friends divide into 2 teams of 3.

You and your team have to go around the neighbourhood looking to find certain candy when trick or treating, and pictures of certain cosumes that people are wearing (but ask them before you take the picture!!) or even things that you can hide yourself! It's super fun! Hope you try it!

Just What I Was Looking For
by: Jan

My son (24) went on an around the town treasure hunt when he and his buddies were 16. They had a blast.

The hostess made trophies out of paper-mache and painted them gold, silver & bronze. The kids had a blast.
This was in the day before everyone had digital cameras, so we used polaroids. The pictures were the best.

I'm planning to do one in the fall for both my younger son (16) & a group of my own friends.

Your website is the greatest and has given me lots of ideas. Best of all, it's free.

Thank you.

Great Website
by: Kelly

I have been looking all over the internet for Halloween scavenger hunt ideas and lists. I was about to pay for a scavenger hunt program when I found your website.


Everyone is going to love the hunt! Thanks a bunch!

Great Ideas
by: Jenna

I have found some really great ideas on this page!

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