Diva Pet Tales

Life with a diva pet is so much fun. I share my life with two of them, Cookie and Cleo, and they're always doing something adorable. What about your finicky furry friends? Share your diva pet tales here. I'd love to get to know them. And now let me introduce you to mine...

diva cat resting

Our diva cat, Cleo, is NOT supposed to go in our bedroom, but that is where I JUST found her. A regular battle of wits and ingenuity ensues between my husband and my cat. For every creative solution he implements, this feline finds an equally creative way around.  It's secretly FUN for me to watch who can outwit who at our house.

diva dog

If it really is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, then Cookie, our diva dog, exercised hers loudly today. First she begged to get into the tub with long sustained howling, and then she begged to get out with the same passionate pleas. Who knows what she really wants!?!

Diva Cat and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats

We suspected she was doing it, but today we found the evidence. 

diva cat hides dog treats

Our sweet Cleo has been hiding Cookie's treats (and toys). My husband, Serge retrieved the treats and piled them on the table and within seconds Cleo was already attempting to hide them again. Yep, we live with a felon... I mean a feline.

Christmas Confessions Diva Pet Poem

diva cat poem

Well, Christmas is over and you may have guessed
I'm cuddled up taking a much needed rest
The season's exhausting for felines like me
The type you might label as being naughty

It's hard to resist all the tinsel and bells
And don't get me started on home cooking smells
The rules are paws off, but I pretty much know
When temptation calls, I instinctively go

I toppled the tree, yes, but I can explain
I followed the light and that's what I blame
The Christmasy knick knacks I knocked to the floor
Were right in the path of my leaps to the door

The papier de toilet I ripped into shreds
Was a crafty idea that just popped in my head
Paw crafted snowflakes, designed to impress
Who knew that my owners would think it a mess

There's more to confess, but I'll leave it at that
Cause right now I'm sorely in need of a nap
The reason I'm tired is not from my labour
But fleeing the consequence of my behaviour

Written by Wendy Legendre. Inspired by Cleo.
© Diva-Girl-Parties-And-Stuff.com

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Brag about your diva pets or make us laugh about what they've been up to. Share a picture of them in a diva pose or one of them caught in the act of diva behavior.

NOTE: Please try to make your story 100 words or more.

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