Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Find What's Odd In This Creative Christmas Party Game

A crazy Christmas scavenger hunt is perfect for an office party or a family Christmas party.

It involves setting up unusual Christmas items in the hunt area prior to the party. Guests must then walk about and try to determine what Christmas items seem odd or out of place.

Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt Scene

Give each guest a numbered sheet of paper and a pencil. Let them know how many crazy Christmas items they are looking for. When a guest thinks they have located every item have them bring their list to you for verification. The first person to find all of the items is the winner.

You may also choose to set a time limit. In that case, the person with the most items at the end of the allotted time is declared the winner.

green nosed reindeer, easter bunny santa, christmas scavenger hunt

Note: Crazy Christmas scavenger hunt items must be noticeably odd, yet fit in well enough that they don't stand out immediately. They must be left sitting or hanging around the room as if they were meant to be there. Using colors that blend in with your Christmas decor, when making changes to the items, will cause them to be harder to spot. Below is a list of examples for you to use.

crazy christmas scavenger hunt

Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

01. Santa in a outfit other than his traditional one (eg. a dress, an elf suit). Note: It will have to be obvious that the doll or figurine you use looks like Santa, with or without his outfit.

02. A pair of Christmas panties hanging in the tree as if they were an ornament.

03. A candle placed upside down in a candle holder.

04. An angel with a square halo. Note: A square halo can be made from wire or pipe cleaners.

05. Rudolph with a green nose. (Paint over his nose with water based paint so that you can wipe it off later).

06. A gift or closed box with wrapping paper and tape place on top and a note saying, "Wrap it yourself."

07. A partially eaten candy cane hanging in the tree.

08. A snowman wearing a cowboy hat.

09. A star with no points. Square off the points by cutting the tips off. Cut enough off so that the star doesn't look pointed, but not so much that it no longer looks like a star.

10. A nativity scene made up of barbie dolls.

11. Put out a plate of cookies and a glass of pop (or any other beverage than milk) with a note to Santa beside it.

Visitor Ideas:

A fourth wise man in the nativity creche or an animal that doesn't belong like an stork or elephant.
Gina ~ U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

A Happy Easter card among the Christmas cards.
Emily ~ UK

Yellowish snow in a Christmas scene.
Brooke ~ USA

Make a sleigh decoration with any animal but deer (ie. bats, lions, hippo).
Steph ~ USA

A lump of coal.
Susan ~ USA

Wrap a gift with the wrapping paper facing the wrong way out.
Kristine ~ Canada

Add a gift tag to a gift that says "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL EASTER."
Kristine ~ Canada

Red ribbon around a walking cane.
Sandy ~ USA

A three-legged reindeer.
Kristine ~ Canada

Post a sign that reads: "Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!"
Kristine ~ Canada

Hang a wreath with a pink ribbon or other Easter-looking decorations.
Kristine ~ Canada

A "melted" Frosty the Snowman! (leftover hat, scarf, etc. and a puddle of water)
Eileen ~ USA

A skinny Santa Clause.
Eileen ~ USA

Hang ivy or some other greenery instead of mistletoe.
Kim ~ USA

A pair of pantyhose instead of a traditional stocking.
Kim ~ USA

An ornament on the christmas tree that says 'Happy Halloween'!
Anisa ~ USA

Dress a Halloween witch up as one of Santa's elves!
Trevor ~ USA

Hide an old German pickle in your tree, (you can get them for about 3 dollars at any Christmas store) and the first guest to find it gets a special gift!!!!!
Daisy May ~ USA

Put a witch hat on top of the tree instead of a star or an angel.
Jessica ~ Canada

Use spider webs (Halloween decoration) instead of snow.
Maureen ~ USA

A sign that reads... "Old Saint Nicole".
Isabella ~ USA

Use the the above crazy Christmas scavenger hunt ideas to spark your imagination and then share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear from you.

Crazy Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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