Scavenger Hunt Las Vegas

by Catherine
(Mesa, AZ)

Las Vegas Strip Sign

Las Vegas Strip Sign

I am coordinating a hunt on the main strip of Las Vegas for 10 teams (2 per team). Up and down the casino's. I'm having trouble coming up with outrageous antics for them. I have all the easy things to collect, but I really would like a few over the edge that I know not all teams will do... push the envelope so to speak. Any Ideas?

Scavenger Hunt Las Vegas Response:

I've never been to Las Vegas so I'm unfamiliar with the laws, and what's available for challenges, etc. A few ideas that come to mind (though I don't know if they are all doable) are:

  • Have team perform on street for money (music, magic, juggling, mime, etc.)

  • Get a high roller to let a team member roll for them

  • Have a team member get a "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" tattoo

  • Have 2 teams members get a marriage licence or even better get married

    If I think of any others, I'll add them.


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    My One and Only Comment
    by: Anonymous

    Picture of team member(s) holding a glass of milk with a mustache on the glass with a bride going through a loop on a roller coaster.

    More Ideas
    by: Tracy

    Get a photo with everyone eating fried Twinkies. Have the team do a pyramid in the casino and get a photo of it.

    by: Wingwoman Tours

    Next time you are planning ANYTHING in Vegas consult us to design it. We specialize in Something called THE HUNT: an adult scavenger competition. Round 3 is actually on the Strip today.

    Lory Ambrosini
    Wingwoman Tours

    Outrageously Buff Dude
    by: Carol

    Take your picture with an outrageously buff dude, a guy in a pink polo shirt, with Mardi Gras beads and the person that gave them to you, find the most touristy looking tourist and take a picture of them with your team, see how many different cities, countries you can photograph on the strip.

    Military Bound
    by: Anonymous

    Since the Air Force is out there. Maybe if someone can get onto the base. Even better if they can get a ride in a fighter jet?

    My vegas hunt
    by: Anonymous

    picture of team member(s)
    with bride and groom
    holding a live lobster
    with Elvis
    drinking a round
    casino coin from MGM
    riding roller coaster...

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