Family Vacation Scavenger Hunt

Hawaiian Island Setting

Hawaiian Island Setting

There are ten of us ages 14-70 going on vacation to a rental house in Kauai. We would like to do a clue hunt that could be spread out thru the week we are there, any ideas?

Family Vacation Scavenger Hunt Response:

I am assuming you want a hunt that will take you around Kauai, not around the beach house you will be staying in.

In order to make a clue hunt for you, I will need some specific locations in Kauai that you intend on visiting or items you might want to collect.

Please use the comment box below to inform me of this additional information.

Thanks for your reply! (List will be added directly below soon). ~ Wendy

Kauai Vacation Scavenger Hunt List:

A coconut that has been crafted into a work of art by a local or by the team

A sample of Kauai coffee from a coffee farm

A post card or photo of the now extinct Olokele volcano of Kauai

A stem of Mokihana (Kauai’s official "flower" - not really a flower)

A recent issue of "Kauai Magazine"

The lyrics for the Kauai Island song "Maika'i Kaua'i"

A photo or postcard of the Manawaiopuna Falls which were featured in Jurassic Park

A pineapple-based sauce recipe from a local

A photo of the team sitting atop Makawehi Point at Shipwreck Beach

A shell necklace purchased or made by the team

A photo of the team participating in a luau

A tiki key chain

A receipt or stub from a Kauai museum

A photo of the team with the Kilauea Lighthouse in the background

An autographed poster of a local Kauai performer

Clue Alternative Examples (for the first four listed above):

Every autumn Kauai has a festival in it's honor. Bring back a piece of art featuring it, either created by a local or the team.

Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows this item. Bring back a sample of this item from a Kauai farm that grows it.

Kauai doesn't have an active one of these, but photograph the the team with the extinct one in the background.

Kauai's official choice for this is not really one at all. Bring back a sample of this official representation of Kauai, complete with it's light green berries.

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I added a list
by: Wendy

There is a list of 14 items that may or may not work for you. I don't know if you can spend money and I don't know what activities will cost you to participate in, so it is difficult to include certain things without knowing that.

I researched what some of the more important features of Kauai are and tried to highlight them on the list without involving too much cost.

I also gave 4 sample clues as a variation to the items listed.

Happy Hunting!

by: Anonymous

We will be on the South Shore so I'm sure we will visit

Shipwreck Beach
The lithified cliffs of Makawehi

As for things to collect, just small fun stuff.

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