Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Exploring the Neighborhood Has Never Been So Fun

A neighborhood scavenger hunt is a fun way to get acquainted with your own neighborhood, but get a little more adventurous and you could use these same ideas to explore historical neighborhoods, upscale neighborhoods, downtown commercial districts, and more.

Cozy Residential Location for a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

How to Set Up Your Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk (or ride) around your neighborhood and find unique things about specific properties.

Note the street name and house number or photograph each choice.

Find things that will be there when your hunt begins (ie. not a dog chasing a squirrel up a tree).

Pick things that can be spotted from the sidewalk so there won't be any issues with trespassing.

Every neighborhood is unique, so this is a list that is best to compile for yourself.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List Examples:

  • House with a blue birdhouse in a tree on the front yard.
  • House with a stone frog in garden.
  • House with one missing shutter.
  • House with "beware of dog" sign.
  • House with green front door.
  • House with an animal suncatcher in the window.
  • House with a bird door knocker.
  • More list ideas
  • List at least ten things to look for.

    Do not include the street name or house number and do not list the items in the order you found them (mix them up to make the hunt more challenging).

    Divide your guests into teams and give each a pencil and a copy of the list.

    Instruct them to record the number of the house and the street name beside each item as they find it.

    Encourage them not make it obvious when they find an item or they may tip off their opponents.

    Give them a time limit.

    The winner is the first team back with a completed list or the team with the most correct answers (which ever comes first).

    Be sure to carefully check the lists before a declaring a winner.

    Note: It is important to announce the search parameters at the start of the hunt (ie. which block[s], how far up and down the streets, whatever you decide).

    Recording the street name is only necessary if you are conducting your hunt around the block (or several blocks) as opposed to up and down one street.

    Be proactive in the area of safety.

    Be sure that children are supervised by adults, and do not send teams into any locations that might be even remotely dangerous.

    More Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

    A house with a specific architectural style, such as Victorian, Craftsman, or Mid-Century Modern. Take note of its key features.

    A home with a creatively designed mailbox that stands out due to its shape, color, or theme.

    A property with a garden gnome, animal statue, or any quirky garden ornament.

    A house with a brightly colored front door, like red, blue, or yellow.

    A house with solar panels on the roof.

    A home with unique landscaping features, such as a rock garden or water feature.

    A house with an unusual chimney.

    A house that has window boxes filled with flowers or plants. If there are many, find one with a certain color or type of flower.

    A house that features outdoor art, such as a mural on a fence or a sculptural piece in the yard.

    A property with a unique fence or an ornately designed gate.

    A house that has an historical marker or plaque indicating its significance or age.

    Homes with different types of roofing materials, such as slate, metal, or thatch.

    A home with an especially welcoming or elaborately decorated front porch.

    A house that goes all out with seasonal decorations, whether for holidays or changes in season.

    This scavenger hunt will give you a whole new appreciation for the personal touches homeowners bring to the properties in your neighborhood and others.

    You might even find yourself engaging in chats with locals you've never met before. A win win.  Have fun!

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