Black Cat Trivia Game

Do you know your famous felines? Find out by playing this black cat trivia "Who am I" game.

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Black Cat Trivia Clues  ...  Who Am I?

  1. I am the naughty tuxedo pussycat with a lisp who is forever being outwitted by my feathered housemate. Who am I?

  2. I was the infamous Springfield family's second cat and gained an unhealthy amount of weight due to moonlighting as another family's pet. Who am I?

  3. I was the American short haired cat who spent almost half of my 18 years in the White House sharing pet duties with 2 Scottish Terriers and an English Springer Spaniel. Who am I?

  4. I am the vocally gifted feline who resided at the Spellman home. I was known for my wit and wanting to achieve world domination. Who am I?

  5. I am the white-gloved, eccentric feline who showed up at the home of two bored children with plenty of tricks up my chapeau. Who am I?

  6. I am the death-defying feline who was previously a 17th century boy till the wicked Sanderson sisters put a spell on me. Who am I?

  7. I am the cunning kitty who was pursued for stealing jewelry. My alter ego is Selina Kyle. Who am I?

  8. I am the shapeshifting black cat who communicated telepathically with my supervisor, Gary Seven. Who am I?

  9. I am the black tuxedo cat who was first owned by an old toymaker and then by one of cartoons' most famous mice. Who am I?

  10. I am the popular online kitty influencer who made my debut with a tummy tickle YouTube video in 2012. I left my brother, Marmalade, to carry on my work of entertaining and educating cat lovers when I passed away in 2021. Who am I?

  11. I was an adopted stray who made it from the streets, to the governor's mansion, to the White House. A cartoon version of me was used as a guide for children visiting the White House. Who am I?

  12. I am the clever musical cat who awes the other felines in my tribe with my magical skills of conjuring up items and cats. Who am I?

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Black Cat Face CloseupMy not so famous black cat, Cleo!

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Black Cat Trivia Answers

  1. Sylvester
    Looney Tunes cartoon character

  2. Snowball II
    Second cat of The Simpsons, adored by Lisa

  3. India
    Family cat of George & Laura Bush

  4. Salem
    From the TV series, Sabrina The Teenage Witch

  5. The Cat in the Hat
    One of Dr. Seuss' most recognized characters

  6. Binx (Thackery Binx)
    From the movie, Hocus Pocus

  7. Catwoman 
    From DC Comics

  8. Isis
    Appeared on Star Trek Assignment Earth

  9. Figaro
    Owned by Geppetto in the story of Pinocchio and Minnie Mouse in Disney cartoon shorts

  10. Cole
    One of the famous online kitty duo that is Cole and Marmalade. If you love black cats or any cats for that matter, you must follow their Facebook page.

  11. Socks
    The Clinton family cat

  12. Mr. Mistoffelees 
    Featured character in Cats The Musical

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