Halloween Ring a Bell Game

This Halloween ring a bell game is an easy icebreaker to get guests  talking. All you need is a bell, 15 small prizes, and a room of party guests. Simple.

Halloween Ring a Bell Game Party Hostess

Visit our Ring a Bell game main page for detailed instructions on how to play this icebreaker at your Halloween party.

Prize Ideas: Candy bars, wine charms, roses (orange, black, or blood red), skeleton keychains

Halloween Ring a Bell Game Scenario List

Ring a bell and then announce... "I am looking for...

01. ...the person who is wearing the most orange."

02. ...the person who has the most unusual superstition."

03. ...the first person who can name 10 Halloween movies in 30 seconds."

04. ...the person with the longest fingernails painted black or in a Halloween theme."

05. ...the person who is wearing the most gothic makeup."

06. ...the person who grew (or purchased) the largest pumpkin this year."

07. ...the person who is wearing the spookiest outfit."

08. ...the person who has done the most elaborate outdoor Halloween decorating of their home."

09. ...the first person who can show me a receipt for Halloween candy (treats)."

10. ...the first person to show me a photo of your pet dressed up for Halloween."

11. ...the person who owns the most Halloween movies."

12. ...the person who most recently visited a haunted house."

13. ...the person who has executed the craziest Halloween prank."

14. ...the person who can tell the spookiest ghost story."

15. ...the person with the most tattoos of Halloween symbols (eg. skeleton, bat)."

Need a Bell?

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More Hand Bells 

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Halloween Ring a Bell Game Pin

Halloween Ring a Bell Prize Ideas

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