Halloween Pass the Gift Game Poem

Break the ice at your party with this Halloween pass the gift game poem.

The game is written for ten players, however, you could double up, triple up, or more on the number by assigning more than one person the same number.

That could also add a whole extra dimension of fun to the game since when player 1 has to exchange their gift with player 2, they would have more than one choice of who to trade with.

Halloween Pass the Gift Game Poem for Player 1Halloween Pass the Gift Game Poem Sample Verse

Purchase and wrap some small treats and gag prizes (enough for one for each guest) or ask your guests to each bring a wrapped gag gift or treat to use for game play in a kind of white elephant style.

Halloween Gift Exchange Game Instructions

  • Purchase and wrap some small treats and gag prizes (enough for one for each guest) or ask your guests to each bring a wrapped gag gift or treat to use for game play in a kind of white elephant style.

    At least one gift will need to be wrapped in black, but preferably more. See verse number 4 below.

  • Put all of the gifts/prizes in the center of the area where your guests ill be playing. That could be on a table, the floor, or whatever works for you.
  • Assign each player a number from one to ten. You might want to have them wear a sticker or such with their number on it, so it is obvious to the other players what number each person is.

  • Players follow the instructions in the poem as they are read. Be sure to tell guests NOT to open their gifts till the end of the game. 

  • Read the poem yourself or cut the poem into pieces and have each person read the rhyme for their particular number aloud and act on it.

Halloween Pass the Gift Game Poem Pin

Halloween Pass The Gift Game Poem

Double, double, toil and trouble
Pick a gift up on the double
Make it quick now number 1
And do not open 'til we're done

Now it's time for number 2
Find the magic, click your shoes
Choose a gift you think is fun
And trade it now with number 1

Number 3, step up and play
Grab a gift without delay
Trade with number 1 or 2
While uttering a chilling, "BOO!"

Number 4, please do not slack
Find a gift wrapped up in black
Hold it close and take your seat
And hope that you have picked a treat

Number 5, step up to bat
And please don't be a scaredy cat
Pick a player, 4 or 2
And let them choose a gift for you

Come on down now number 6
Your gift is waiting in the mix
Pick it out and treat yourself
Then make a trade with someone else

The howling wind blows through the heavens
It's calling out for number 7
Make your choice and trade it with
The gift that's held by number 6

It's up to you now, number 8
Choose a gift and don't be late
Trade it first with number 5
Then switch with someone who can drive

Don't be frighten number 9
It's spooky, sure, but you'll do fine
Choose a gift and then agree
To trade that gift with number 3

The candle's wick is burning down
And darkness threatens to surround
Please take a gift now number 10
Then keep or trade before we end

Whatever gift you each hold now
Is yours to keep, we swear, we vow
So open it; don't be discreet
Reveal if yours is trick or treat

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