Halloween Movie Trivia Game

This Halloween movie trivia game summons players to decipher the names of 20 spooky films from a list of synonymous titles. Are you up for the challenge?

Halloween Movie Trivia Game Haunted Castle Scene

Sample TITLe

Terrifying Hallucination Preceding a Popular Annual Gift-Giving Holiday


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Synonymous Halloween Movie Title Clues

The synonymous titles below are your clues to naming popular Halloween movie titles. How many of these frightful movies can you guess?

01. Extracted Insect Liquid 

02. Unverified Story of a Lethargic Cavity 

03. Unshaven Clay Molder and a Wizard's Shaped Mineral Matter 

04. The Apparition of Dramatic Arias 

05. Famous Vampire Millennium

06. Pubescent Enchantress 

07. The Comeback of Breathing Cadavers 

08. Remains of a New Marriage Partner 

09. Indwelling Depravity 

10. Underaged Monster Maker 

11. Missing Male Minors 

12. Reporter's Conversation with Dracula 

13. Sensible Illusions 

14. Neurotic USA Resident 

15. Following Impression Five 

16. Spirit Breakers 

17. Conjurers of a Dawn Side Flame Fueler 

18. Sovereign of Eclipsed Light 

19. Lone Star State's Second Tree Trimmer Bloodbath 

20. Petite Boutique of Terrifying Events 

Halloween Movie Trivia Game Answers

01. Beetlejuice

02. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

03. Harry Potter and the Scorceror's Stone

04. The Phantom of the Opera

05. Dracula 2000

06. Teen Witch

07. Return of the Living Dead

08. Corpse Bride

09. Resident Evil

10. Young Frankenstein

11. Lost Boys

12. Interview with the Vampire

13. Practical Magic

14. American Psycho

15. The Sixth Sense

16. Ghostbusters

17. The Witches of Eastwick

18. Prince of Darkness

19. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

20. Little Shop of Horrors

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