Halloween Picture Puzzle Game

Add this Halloween picture puzzle game to your party schedule for a moderately easy brain exercising challenge. 

The game consists of 12 image clues which represent 12 Halloween words. The answers could be a costume, a decoration, or even a feeling.

A location pin with a question mark equals where plus a wolf = where + wolf which sounds like werewolf. ANSWER: werewolf

Halloween Picture Puzzle Game Image Clues

Halloween Picture Puzzle Game Pin

Halloween Picture Puzzle Game Answers

Here is a full breakdown of the answers.

  1. A gas tank gauge showing as full plus a crescent moon = full + moon.
    ANSWER: full moon

  2. An empty tin can plus the letter D = can + d which sounds like candy.
    ANSWER: candy

  3. A wooden cross plus a small pile of bones = cross + bones.
    ANSWER: crossbones

  4. A young knight plus a horse with a female symbol beside it to indicate the horse is a female and therefore, a mare. Knight + mare sounds like nightmare. 
    ANSWER: nightmare

  5. A box of fries with an arrow pointing at one fry plus the number ten = fry + ten which sounds like frighten.
    ANSWER: frighten

  6. A cob of corn plus a spider web = cob + web.
    ANSWER: cobweb

  7. A fan plus a woman squeezing her tummy (short form tum) = fan + tum which sounds like phantom.
    ANSWER: phantom

  8. A silhouette of a head plus a stone = head + stone.
    ANSWER: headstone

  9. A crow with a speech bubble (crows say, "caw") plus a shark fin = caw + fin which sounds like coffin.
    ANSWER: coffin

  10. An ear plus the letter E = ear  + E which sounds like eerie.
    ANSWER: eerie

  11. A broom plus a popsicle stick = broom + stick.
    ANSWER: broomstick

  12. A piece of pie plus a rat = pie + rat which sounds like pirate.
    ANSWER: pirate

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