Plan A Pole Dance Party for Fun and Fitness

Pole dance party themes have become very popular, thanks to celebrities like Oprah and Sheila Kelly, who have brought the concept of pole dancing into the mainstream.

While still considered “edgy” in some areas, pole dance is quickly gaining acceptance and appreciation for the fitness benefits it provides, as well as the fun factor.

If you decide to host a pole dancing party, you can assure your friends there will be no stripping involved, just tons of fun and laughter (and maybe a few sore muscles and minor bruises!). The unofficial motto of many pole dance party companies could well be, “leave your clothes on, take your inhibitions off!”

pole dance party works differently than most types of parties you might host, because unless you teach pole dancing yourself, you’ll need to bring in a pole party presenter to lead the fun. There will more than likely be a charge for this, but don’t worry, pole dancing parties normally are not like other types of home parties where your guests will be expected to buy something. Instead, you’ll be hiring an experienced pole dancing instructor to lead your guests in a fun and laughter-filled evening of pole dancing.

Pole parties are especially popular for stagettes and birthday celebrations, but also make a great theme for a girls night out for no reason at all. They can take place in your home if the studio or party presenter has a portable pole (many do), or in a pole dancing studio if there’s one in your area.

Often the guests will share the cost of hiring the party presenter, and if the party is for a guest of honor such as a bride-to-be or a birthday girl, the other guests will usually cover her portion of the fee. In this way, a pole party becomes a very affordable alternative to a “dinner and drinks” type of girls’ night out.

To plan a successful pole dancing party, you’ll first need to locate a pole dancing studio or instructor. If you live in a larger city, chances are there’s one nearby. You can always do a quick online search for your area as well. Or ask around among your never know who among them might be a closet pole dancer already!

Once you’ve found someone qualified to facilitate your party, you’ll need to make sure you get all the information you’ll need to plan your night of fun.

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Pole Dance Party

  • What is the cost for the party and what is included in this fee?
  • Is there a minimum and/or maximum number of women who can attend?
  • Is the party held in a studio setting or do they bring the pole dancing poles to your home?
  • Is a deposit required and if so how much?
  • What is the cancellation policy?

  • About Susan Peach: Susan has been teaching dance and fitness for over 25 years... and pole dancing for almost 5 years. Her Soul Sister Studio is located in beautiful Nanaimo, BC. Her hobbies include triathlon and trail running and she aspires to pursue some big race goals in the future ...Ironman here she comes!

    You might also want to ask how long they’ve been doing parties, what are the qualifications of the party presenter, and if there are any special requirements such as ceiling height or room size if you plan to host the party in your home.

    Since the pole is the centre of attention at a pole dancing party, there’s no need to worry about decorations, or even food and drink, unless you want to. Of course if the party is meant to celebrate a birthday, stagette or other special occasion, you may want to decorate in theme and perhaps have snacks and drinks available either before or after the pole dancing.

    One word of caution though: if you’ll be serving alcohol at your party it’s advisable for safety reasons to limit this to no more than one drink per person before you start the actual pole dancing. Falling off the pole in an alcohol-induced moment of dizziness is NOT sexy!

    Hilarious Pole Dance Demonstration with Sheila Kelley on Conan O'Brien

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