Snow Trivia Quiz

Fun Facts About That Cool Winter Fluffy Stuff

snow quiz

Snow Trivia Quiz

Don't you just love snow? I sure do. I can't wait to welcome the first dusting of that cool fluffy stuff every winter. It creates the prettiest landscapes and it's oh so fun to play in whether you're a winter sports enthusiast or you simply enjoy sledding, snowball fights and building snowmen.

So, how much do you know about snow? Take this quiz and find out. Or plan a snow party and use this trivia as an icebreaker over a warm cup of hot cocoa.

Snow Trivia Questions

snow trivia

01. What sets up the possibility of an avalanche?

    A. A snow drift
    B. A snow pack
    C. A snow slab

02. What sort of snow turns into a glacier?

    A. Partially melted snow from a snow pack
    B. Snow that has not melted for a number of years
    C. Fresh snow falling on mountain tops

03. When does snow make a noise?

    A. When it is freshly fallen
    B. When the air temperature is very low
    C. When it is about to melt

04. On which other planet in the Solar System have scientists observed snow falling?

    A. Mercury
    B. Venus
    C. Jupiter

05. What size was the world's largest recorded snowflake?

    A. 38 cm
    B. 38 inches
    C. 38 mm

06. What shape are snowflakes?

    A. Pentagons
    B. Hexagons
    C. Octagons

07. How much snow is equivalent to an inch of rainfall?

    A. 6 inches
    B. 13 inches
    C. 20 inches

08. Which of the following would help you to determine how deep the snow is?

    A. A pistol shot
    B. A rifle shot
    C. A shotgun shot

09. What does a snow groomer do?

    A. Uses snow in hair styling
    B. Moves snow off the roads
    C. Manipulates snow for recreational use

10. Where would you find the snow belt?

    A. Canada
    B. United States
    C. Scandinavia

11. In 1999, which mountain took the record for the most snowfall ever measured in the United States in a single season?

    A. Mount St Helens
    B. Mount McKinley
    C. Mount Baker

12. In what year were the first patents registered in the US for snow plows?

    A. 1920
    B. 1923
    C. 1926

13. How tall was the world's largest snowman?

    A. 113 feet 7 inches
    B. 122 feet 1 inch
    C. 131 feet 4 inches

14. How long did it take for the second largest snowman in the world, Angus, to melt?

    A. Mid June
    B. Mid May
    C. Mid April

15. What color is a snow flower?

    A. Red
    B. White
    C. Blue

16. In the animated film of Raymond Briggs' book the Snowman, who sang "Walking in the Air"?

    A. Aled Jones
    B. Isabel Suckling
    C. Peter Auty

17. In 1976/77 which American city had the all-time high for snowfall in a single season?

    A. Portland, Maine
    B. Buffalo, New York
    C. Rochester, New York

18. In "Let It Snow" the 1945 song by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne what were the singers eating?

    A. Pop Corn
    B. Potato Chips
    C. Donuts

19. In which year was the Walt Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released?

    A. 1935
    B. 1937
    C. 1939

20. In the 2002 movie Ice Age, John Leguizamo was the voice of Sid. What kind of animal is Sid?

    A. A snake
    B. A salamander
    C. A sloth

snow trivia

Snow Trivia Answers

01. C. A snow slab / 02. B. Fresh snow falling on mountain tops / 03. C. When it is about to melt / 04. B. Venus / 05. A. 38 cm / 06. B. Hexagons / 07. B. 13 inches / 08. A. A pistol shot / 09. C. Manipulates snow for recreational use 10. B. United States / 11. C. Mount Baker / 12. A. 1920 / 13. B. 122 feet 1 inch / 14. A. Mid June / 15. A. Red / 16. C. Peter Auty / 17. B. Buffalo, New York / 18. A. Pop Corn / 19. B. 1937 / 20. C. A sloth

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snow quiz

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