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Printable Bingo Cards

A collection of FREE and for sale bingo templates for bridal showers, baby showers and purse parties. Custom printable bingo cards for every occasion from birthdays and showers to holiday parties.

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Funky Nail Art Party

Invite your friends over for a funky nail art party. Manicure and polish each other's nails and then, add some fun nail art designs while you chat, laugh and enjoy each other's company.

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Nursery Rhyme Games

How well do you remember your favorite nursery rhymes? Find out with these fun nursery rhyme games.

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Girls Fun Lib Party Game Icebreaker

If you like madlibs, you'll enjoy this girls fun lib. It's a great icebreaker for girl parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more. It's guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

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Food Trivia Party Game

Sometimes it's fun to play with your food, especially when you're playing a food trivia game. This multiple choice food trivia quiz will leave you craving for more.

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Parcheesi Board Game Party

Parcheesi originated in India, so why not plan a Bollywood theme party around it? Add henna tattoos and Indian dance instructions to this colorful and affordable party idea to kick up a notch.

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Printable Easter Games from Bingo to Trivia

Add a special touch to your Easter parties with these printable Easter games. Bible and bunny games are included in this collection and there's a game for every age group from child to adult.

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Right Left Easter Game Based on the Bible Easter Story

Use this Right Left Easter Game as a alternative way to exchange Easter treats and share the Bible Easter story. It's a great icebreaker for church parties and family Easter celebrations.

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Easter Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Game

Combine the fun of seeking and solving with this Easter Bible verse scavenger hunt puzzle game based on the 7 sayings of the cross. Have kids search for and put together 32 hidden cross puzzle pieces.

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Baby Shower Candy Poem Game

Fill in the blanks of this baby shower candy poem using the names of popular candy. This fun alternative to the popular baby shower candy bar story game was written by the Poem Lady.

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Bridal Story Game

Fill in the blanks of this bridal story game with common household items and product names. Make it extra special by giving each of the items to the bride as gifts as you read the story.

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Bridal Shower Newlywed Game

A bridal shower newlywed game can add some hilarity to your wedding shower. Whether you play it traditionally or add your own twist, it's always great fun to see the groom squirm and the bride blush.

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Bridal Shower Candy Match Game

The Bridal Shower Candy Match Game is a game all of your guests will enjoy. Pair popular candy bars and candy with wedding associated definitions for a fun interactive game you'll want to play often.

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St Patricks Day Party Contest

Win a $250 St. Patrick's Day Party for your small business!

Bridal Shower Games - Fun Interactive Game Ideas for Your Wedding Showers

Enjoy this fun collection of group involving bridal shower games. Includes bridal bingo, bridal mad libs, wedding trivia, panty poem, candy game, newlywed game, bridal feud, scavenger hunts and more.

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Bridal Quiz - How Well Do you Know the Bride

A multiple choice bridal quiz game to see how well each guest knows the bride-to-be.

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Diva Pet Tales

Life with a diva pet is fun. Here are their tales from naughty adventures to strut your stuff adorable. We invite you to share you stories too.

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Oscar Party Ideas | Celebrate the Academy Awards in Style

Host an Oscar party and celebrate the winners with these dramatic Oscar party ideas and games. Make your guests the stars of your party. Serve them in style and present them with some unique awards.

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Super Bowl Party Ideas and Printables

Host a Super Bowl party with lots of great food, activities and friends. Add our Super Bowl trivia questions and icebreakers, and be sure to get everyone's game predictions pre-party.

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Valentine Themes for Church Parties

Fun and romantic Valentine themes and ideas for planning church Valentine parties and banquets.

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Valentine Pictionary Party Game

A list of words and titles to use for a game of Valentine Pictionary.

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Valentine Feud Party Game

Internet survey results and instructions for a game of Valentine Feud. This Valentine Family Feud game is perfect for couple parties and Valentine parties.

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Bridal Shower Family Feud Party Game

Try a game of Bridal Shower Family Feud by using our internet wedding survey results and instructions.

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Bollywood Party Theme and Ideas

For a unique girls night event plan a Bollywood party complete with henna tattoos, Indian food, belly dancing lessons and sexy, colorful fun.

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Glow in the Dark Neon Night Pool Party

I have been to too many pool, beach, and luau themed birthday parties, especially since I live in Hawaii. I decided to have my birthday party at night.

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Super Bowl Trivia Multiple Choice Printable Game

Challenge your Super Bowl party guests to a Super Bowl trivia with this printable multiple choice quiz. It's a great way to discover the most fanatical football lovers in the group. #superbowlparty

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Christmas Feud Party Game

Internet survey results and instructions for a game of Christmas feud. This Christmas Family Feud game is perfect for everything from office parties to family gatherings.

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Holiday Party Game | Ready for Christmas?

For an easy holiday party game, use this fun - Are You Ready for Christmas? - point list to determine who is most ready for Christmas. Award a prize to the winner and a lump of coal to the loser.

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Right Left Christmas Game

For a fun way to do a gift exchange or choose a prize winner, use this nativity story right left Christmas game and party icebreaker.

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Gotham Party Theme Ideas

Gotham party theme ideas being created and added throughout the month for October's party of the month.

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Right Left Bridal Shower Game

Right Left Bridal Shower Game Instructions: Everyone sits in a circle. Wrap two (or three depending on how many guests you have) gifts to give to two

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Every Diva Deserves a Catwoman Costume

Every diva should own a Catwoman costume? Don't you agree? Love this one...

Batman The Dark Knight Catwoman Costume

Guess Mommy's Belly Circumference

You may have played Guess Mommy's Belly Circumference at a baby shower before using a piece of string or something similar. To throw a twist into the

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Find Me Location Picture Scavenger Hunt

For a fun scavenger hunt twist, host a Find Me Picture Scavenger Hunt. Prior to the hunt, take photos of small portions of various objects in your hunt location and then have teams find the objects.

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Pajama Jam Party Senior Center Scavenger Hunt

To participate in this senior centre scavenger hunt, divide participants into teams. Set a time limit. Teams need to collect the following items. The

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Hollywood Film Stars Slumber Party

My friend invited me to her party and it was a hollwood film star themed sleepover and it was at her house. There was around 8 of us there. When we arrived

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How Much Bling?

This game is super easy and cheap. Basically, get any kind of see through vase you can find. Fill the vase with fake diamond rings. You can get these

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Here Comes the Bride All Dressed In...?

This game works well, especially for a kitchen shower. Prepare an apron with all sorts of kitchen gadgets attached to it. Then, have the bride put this

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My best friend is amazing. She has known me since I was born! She is fun, helpful, and she means a lot to me. We are now celebrating my birthday together

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Gender Reveal Party Supplies and Ideas

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party SuppliesGender Reveal Baby Shower Party Supplies

There are few true surprises left in the world, and one of the best is not knowing the gender of a new baby! Whether you plan on keeping the secret until the very end, or spicing up the baby shower with the drama of a big reveal, Celebrate Express has the perfect party options for you.

Boy or girl? Bow or bow tie? There are some unique and creative ways to incorporate decorations for both genders and keep your guests guessing, here's how...

Party Decor - The Celebrate Express Bow or Bow Tie Deluxe Party Pack is the complete party in a box solution, containing all that you need to create a dramatic, but fun way to celebrate the baby mystery. Play off the pink and blue "Little Man or Little Miss?" plate design by adding in solid blue or pink party supplies and a Bow or Bow Tie ribbon banner. You can even be a little tricky and display one color more than another to allude to the answer to the question on everyone's mind.

Party Favors - Celebrate Express has baby bottles that you can fill with pink gum balls and blue sixlets, adding an extra sweetness to the day or, in keeping with the theme, fill Bow or Bow Tie gift bags with sweet treats and a special blue or pink Bow or Bow Tie scratch off ticket that announces the gender once the party is over.

Food & Drink Ideas - Are you ready for the reveal? Share your secret in the most special and delicious way! A white frosted baby shower cake, when paired with a cutout of the plate design as a cake topper, makes for the perfect table centerpiece. The best part is that the big moment comes when the cake is cut to reveal whether it is pink or blue inside!

From smiling sunshines to precious footprints and more, check out the full selection of gender neutral baby shower supplies for beautiful new arrivals at Celebrate Express!

Bridal Shower Info for Jennah May Hostetler

Bridal shower info for Jennah May Hostetler's shower on August 25th at 7pm. Includes a list of gift ideas in lieu of a registry.

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Christy's Kitchen

Christy's Kitchen is a variation of the Iron Chef where teams create an entree, appetizer and dessert with a secret ingredient as integral to the dish.

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Camo Party

Ok... I am about to have my sweet sixteen and looking back my fav party so far would have to have been my Camo Party camp out! Items Needed for Camo Party:

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Pirate Party Games and Ideas

Host a pirate party using our swashbuckling games and ideas. Includes printable invitations, name tags, pirate trivia, pirate party games, and pirate scavenger hunts.

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Diva Parties for Junior Divas

A variety of fun ideas for junior diva parties. Party themes, games, and activities for young girls, including dressup, craft, and princess parties.

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Family Reunion Picnic Games, Ideas, and Recipes

Planning a family reunion picnic? Try our visitor submitted picnic recipes and reunion game ideas. You'll find everything from potato salad to Hawaiian cake, and family scavenger hunts to croquet.

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Fun Party Spider Web Game

Kids love this tangled prize game and it's perfect for summer bbq events and family reunions. All you need is a few prizes and a lot of string.

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Memorial Day American Patriotic Song Lyrics Trivia

American ptriotic song trivia

There's no better time to get patriotic than Memorial Day weekend.

Whether you're celebrating with a small group of family and friends or planning a full out event, this American patriotic song trivia makes a great icebreaker.

For example, do you know what song these lyrics belong to?

"All is well, Safely rest. God is nigh."

Answer: Taps

Alternatively, you could download the songs and play small clips in "Name that Tune" style.

Not hosting a Memorial Day party this year? Be sure to PIN the game to make it easy to find for your July 4th party.

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