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Super Bowl Party Ideas and Printables

Host a Super Bowl party with lots of great food, activities and friends. Add our Super Bowl trivia questions and icebreakers, and be sure to get everyone's game predictions pre-party.

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Valentine Party Games and Ideas

A fun collection of valentine party games and icebreakers for couples, friends or mixed groups. Play a round of the newlywed game, challenge your guests to some Valentine trivia and just have FUN!

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NEW Christmas Picture Puzzle Game

Decipher the Christmas words in this Christmas picture puzzle game.

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Last Minute Left Right Christmas Story Game

Right left Christmas gift exchange game inspired by the story of Frosty the Snowman.

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Christmas Song Picture Game

Can you guess the popular Christmas songs from the image hints in this Christmas song picture game? Try it yourself and then play with friends at holiday parties and gatherings.

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Christmas Party Games for Interactive Yuletide Fun

Fun group involving Christmas party games for holiday gatherings. Christmas scavenger hunts, Christmas Family Feud, carol trivia, icebreakers, gift exchange games, printable Santa bucks and much more.

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Bridal Shower Games - Fun Interactive Game Ideas for Your Wedding Showers

Enjoy this fun collection of group involving bridal shower games. Includes bridal bingo, bridal mad libs, wedding trivia, panty poem, candy game, newlywed game, bridal feud, scavenger hunts and more.

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July 4th Songs - A Trivia of Patriotic Lyrics

Gather friends and family around this 4th of July and quiz them on these patriotic July 4th songs. From traditional to modern, there's a song every generation is sure to recognize.

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Sweet 16 Murder Mystery Party

Tired of the same, old, typical parties? Try a murder mystery. It is great for people of all ages, and you can choose one that suits your situation.

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Pirate Party Games and Ideas

Host a pirate party using our swashbuckling games and ideas. Includes printable invitations, name tags, pirate trivia, pirate party games, and pirate scavenger hunts.

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Bridal Shower Mad Lib for Laugh Out Loud Fun

A bridal shower mad lib is a fun way to break the ice and create a funny story the bride will cherish forever.

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4 Fun Girl Party Themes with a 25% Off Coupon Code

Get 25% Off Select Kids Favorites Party Themes
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If you're planning a party for your girl(s) this summer, here's a few popular party themes you can get 25% off on. Just use coupon code KIDSFAVS.

  1. Diva Zebra Theme - Add some divine fab to your party with this sweet and sassy party theme. Everything from the decor and banners, to the party supplies, plates, and foil balloons feature pink accents, white polka dots, zebra stripes, and LOTS of glamour. And all the little divas in attendance will love the stylish Diva Zebra Print Empty Favor Boxes which, once assembled, turn into elegant purses. Fill the boxes with goodies and watch the little guests flaunt them with panache.

  2. Pink Cowgirl Theme - Dust off your cowgirl boots and get ready for a fun-filled day at the rodeo with spunky cowgirl birthday party gea. Big belts, tattered denims, boots and hats aren't just for boys! You can choose from a wide range of cowgirl-themed decorations, costumes, accessories, party supplies, party favors, and more.

  3. Yo Gabba Gabba! Theme - Take your little puppet and their friends on a fun-filled party adventure with Birthday Express' Yo Gabba Gabba! theme. Bring the fun of Gabba Land to life by decorating your child?s birthday party with Yo Gabba Gabba! Wall Decorations and decoration kit. Your birthday boy or girl can even sing and dance alongside Plex with the Yo Gabba Gabba! Plex Standup. This cardboard standup is not only a great decoration, but it can also be used as a fun backdrop for party photos or as a greeter at the entrance to your party.

  4. Super Mario Bros. Theme - Your little gamer will jump for joy when their party is decked out in this action-packed theme. Bring some of the Mushroom Kingdom to your child's party with Birthday Express' Super Mario Bros. Giant Wall Decals. You can also power-up the party-goers with food served on Mario and Luigi plates and Toad napkins.

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Crazy Bowl

Crazy bowl is a jumbled hodgepodge of silly bowling fun. Plan to use this wacky bowling game for your next planned girls night out.

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Who Where Why Game

The Who Where Why Game is similar to truth or dare. Each participant writes one applicable question on each of six cards which are then shuffled and randomly played.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Scavenger Hunt

A jigsaw puzzle scavenger hunt combines the fun of hunting with the challenge of solving. Be the first team to find all of your pieces and put your puzzle together.

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Love Letter Mad Lib

Fill in the blanks for this love letter mad lib and enjoy reading it back at your next valentine party, bridal shower, all girl get-together or birthday party.

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Menopause Mad Lib

A menopause mad lib is just what the doctor ordered when you're going through the change of life. So gather your middle aged friends together and play this hilarious party game till you sweat, cry...

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Movie Night Theme Party Ideas

A movie night theme party can be simple to plan or you can go all out with ideas like hosting outdoor movie events or making your guests the stars of a full out hollywood premiere party.

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Neighborhood House Hunt

Plan a neighborhood house hunt for your next scavenger hunt adventure. Use your own neighborhood to set up the hunt or find another quaint or interesting neighborhood or location.

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Nursery Rhyme Animals

Compete to be the first to guess each of these nursery rhyme animals.

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Diva Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Extra! Extra! Read all about including a newspaper scavenger hunt at your diva party. Have guests search for and clip items fit for a diva in a specified time frame from a selection of newspapers.

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Mall Scavenger Hunt Printable List

Add some pizzazz to a girls night shopping outing by introducing the challenge of a mall scavenger hunt. No matter how old you are, take time for some good old-fashioned silly girlfriend fun.

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Party Games for Women

If you've been on the hunt for fun party games for women, you'll be excited to find out we've found one that any woman from 18 to 118 will have a blast playing... that game is Girlfriends Intuition!

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Party Games and Icebreakers

Party games to add fun, excitement and lively interaction to your upcoming social event.

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Favorite Party Themes

There are so many great party themes. So what was the best theme party you ever attended and what made it stand out?

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Pole Dance Party

Pole dance is becoming a popular party theme choice for a girls night, birthday or bachelorette party. It combines fitness with girly sexiness and that adds up to a super fun event guests rave about.

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Right Left Retirement Game

Use this right left retirement game as a fun icebreaker at a seniors birthday party, a retirement party, a red hat event, or seniors social. Passing out prizes and gifts has never been so fun.

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Ring a Bell Icebreaker Game

Add a fun surprise to your next party with this easy icebreaker. Ring a bell at random moments and announce the search for a winning guest. Use our list of winning scenarios or create your own.

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Share Conversation

Women bond and build relationships when they share conversation. Use this sharing icebreaker as a conversation starter at a party, girls night, or women's meeting.

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Spa Trivia

Add some spa trivia to your home spa party or day spa outing. It's not only fun, you'll also learn a bit about spa treatments and terminology. A conversation starter perfect for any spa party event.

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Speed Scrabble

Speed scrabble is a fast moving variation of the classic game of Scrabble shared by Lesley from East Devon.

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Sweet 16 Party Themes

Sweet 16 party themes to celebrate that momentous occasion every girl looks forward to. Combine the luxury of a spa with a murder mystery or turn a summer night into a winter wonderland extravaganza!

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Travel Games

Travel games to make long car trips fun and tolerable.

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Urban Legends Party

An urban legends party is unique and will add a lot of fun and mystery to your next big event. The perfect theme for Halloween, birthday parties, and more.

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Printable Bingo Cards

A collection of FREE and for sale bingo templates for bridal showers, baby showers and purse parties. Custom printable bingo cards for every occasion from birthdays and showers to holiday parties.

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Funky Nail Art Party

Invite your friends over for a funky nail art party. Manicure and polish each other's nails and then, add some fun nail art designs while you chat, laugh and enjoy each other's company.

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Nursery Rhyme Games

How well do you remember your favorite nursery rhymes? Find out with these fun nursery rhyme games.

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Girls Fun Lib Party Game Icebreaker

If you like madlibs, you'll enjoy this girls fun lib. It's a great icebreaker for girl parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more. It's guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

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Food Trivia Party Game

Sometimes it's fun to play with your food, especially when you're playing a food trivia game. This multiple choice food trivia quiz will leave you craving for more.

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Parcheesi Board Game Party

Parcheesi originated in India, so why not plan a Bollywood theme party around it? Add henna tattoos and Indian dance instructions to this colorful and affordable party idea to kick up a notch.

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Printable Easter Games from Bingo to Trivia

Add a special touch to your Easter parties with these printable Easter games. Bible and bunny games are included in this collection and there's a game for every age group from child to adult.

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Right Left Easter Game Based on the Bible Easter Story

Use this Right Left Easter Game as a alternative way to exchange Easter treats and share the Bible Easter story. It's a great icebreaker for church parties and family Easter celebrations.

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Easter Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Game

Combine the fun of seeking and solving with this Easter Bible verse scavenger hunt puzzle game based on the 7 sayings of the cross. Have kids search for and put together 32 hidden cross puzzle pieces.

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Baby Shower Candy Poem Game

Fill in the blanks of this baby shower candy poem using the names of popular candy. This fun alternative to the popular baby shower candy bar story game was written by the Poem Lady.

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Bridal Story Game

Fill in the blanks of this bridal story game with common household items and product names. Make it extra special by giving each of the items to the bride as gifts as you read the story.

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Bridal Shower Newlywed Game

A bridal shower newlywed game can add some hilarity to your wedding shower. Whether you play it traditionally or add your own twist, it's always great fun to see the groom squirm and the bride blush.

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Bridal Shower Candy Match Game

The Bridal Shower Candy Match Game is a game all of your guests will enjoy. Pair popular candy bars and candy with wedding associated definitions for a fun interactive game you'll want to play often.

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Win a $250 St. Patrick's Day Party from Shindigz

St Patricks Day Party Contest

Win a $250 St. Patrick's Day Party for your small business!

Bridal Quiz - How Well Do you Know the Bride

A multiple choice bridal quiz game to see how well each guest knows the bride-to-be.

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