Oscar Trivia

A Quiz ABOUT the Best Movies Ever mADE

We all love the movies! Don't we? This Oscar trivia will test your knowledge of the best of the best movies ever made.

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Whether your hosting an Oscar party, a movie party, a pub trivia night, or just want to challenge yourself and a few close friends... this movie trivia fits the bill.

Do you remember the year David Letterman hosted the Oscars? How many woman have hosted the Academy Awards Ceremony? Do you remember Cuba Gooding Jr.'s acceptance speech or the night Titanic swept the Oscars and James Cameron proclaimed himself "King of the World"?

What about the Academy Awards ceremony when Christopher Reeve appeared on stage shortly after his spinal chord injury... do you remember the standing ovation? And what about all those touchinghonorary Oscars that have been passed out over the years to enduring actors who have endeared our love and respect...?

The Academy Awards have left us with more memories than I can list. Love them or loathe them, they are a part of our culture, our history, our future...

Test your knowledge of these infamous movie awards with this challenging multiple choice Oscar Trivia

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Oscar Trivia Questions

01. What was the longest movie to win the Oscar for "Best Picture"?
a. Lawrence of Arabia
b. Gone With the Wind
c. War and Peace
d. Cleopatra

02. What was the only animated film to be nominated for Best Picture?
a. Beauty and the Beast
b. Finding Nemo
c. Toy Story
d. Anastasia

03. What female actress has received the most nominations?
a. Katharine Hephurn
b. Bette Davis
c. Jane Fonda
d. Meryl Streep

04. Which male actor has received the most nominations?
a. Laurence Olivier
b. Spencer Tracy
c. Jack Nicholson
d. Paul Newman

05. Who was the oldest performer to win the Best Actor Oscar?
a. Henry Fonda
b. Richard Farnsworth
c. George Burns
d. John Wayne

06. Who was the youngest actress to win an Oscar?
a. Patty Duke
b. Tatum O'Neal
c. Anna Paquin
d. Shirley Temple

07. Three Movies have won 11 Oscars. "Lord of the Rings" and "Titanic" are two, what is the other one?
a. West Side Story
b. The Ten Commandments
c. Ben Hur
d. Schindler's List

08. Which director has won the most Academy Awards for Best Director?
a. Steven Spielburg
b. Ron Howard
c. William Wyler
d. John Ford

09. Which Network aired the first televised Academy Awards show?
a. NBC
b. ABC
c. CBS
d. CTV

10. What is the title of the official Academy Awards Song?
a. Starlight Procession
b. To the Stars
c. Fanfare for Oscar
d. Thanks for the Memory

11. How much does Oscar weigh?
a. 10 lbs
b. 8 lbs
c. 8.5 lbs
d. 5 lbs

12. Who has hosted the most Academy Awards?
a. Johnny Carson
b. Billy Crystal
c. Jerry Lewis
d. Bob Hope

13. How tall is the Oscar statue?
a. 13.5 inches
b. 15 inches
c. 13 inches
d. 14.25 inches

14. What was the first movie to win the Best Picture award?
a. The Broadway Melody
b. All Quiet on the Western Front
c. Wings
d. Cimarron

15. Halle Berry won Best Actress for which of her films?
a. Monster's Ball
b. Things We Lost in the Fire
c. Their Eyes Were Watching God
d. Losing Isaiah

Oscar Trivia Answers

01. b. Gone With the Wind (Gone With the Wind won the 1939 Best Picture Award and was 3 hours and 56 minutes long.) / 02. a. Beauty and the Beast (This 1991 film was nominated for Best Picture, but did not win.) / 03. d. Meryl Streep (Meryl Streep leads the way with 13 overall nominations, closely followed by Katharine Hepburn with 12 and Bette Davis with 11.) / 04. c. Jack Nicholson (Mr. Nicholson has the most nominations with 12, followed by Laurence Olivier with 10 and Spencer Tracy and Paul Newman with 9 each.) / 05. a. Henry Fonda (Henry Fonda was 76 when he won the Best Actor award for his performance in "On Golden Pond".) / 06. b. Tatum O'Neal (Tatum O'Neal was only 10 when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 1974 film "Paper Moon".) / 07. c. Ben Hur / 08. d. John Ford (John Ford has won 4 Best Director awards for his films "The Quiet Man", "How Green Was My Valley", "The Grapes of Wrath", "The Informer".) / 09. a. NBC (NBC aired the first televised Oscar ceremony on March 19, 1953.) / 10. c. Fanfare for Oscar (This song was written in 1998 by Jerry Goldsmith and has since been the official Academy Awards theme song.) / 11. c. 8.5 lbs / 12. d. Bob Hope (Bob Hope has hosted 18 Academy Awards shows, followed by Billy Crystal who has been the show's MC 8 times.) / 13. a. 13.5 inches / 14. c. Wings (Wings took the Oscar for Best Picture of 1927/28, although at that time, this award was called "Most Outstanding Picture". The first Academy Awards in May, 1929 also had a category called "Most Artistic Quality of Production" which was given to the movie "Sunrise".) / 15. a. Monster's Ball (Halle Berry won Best Actress for this 2001 film.)

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