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Prove that girls know just as much about football as guys by challenging them to a Super Bowl trivia competition. The losers have to serve the winners for the entire game.

Either conduct this trivia challenge as guests arrive at your Super Bowl Party , or plan to compete a week before the event so the guys will have plenty of time to prepare to serve you girls... lol!  May the best (wo)man WIN!   A free printable version with answers is available below.

NOTE: Trivia last updated on January 13, 2020

Great questions on this Super Bowl trivia game...difficult enough to be interesting,
but simple enough to possibly answer! My husband played for the Broncos in the 1960s,
so we're especially excited to be hosting a Super Bowl party this year. The trivia game
is just what we needed to make the party more fun. - Wife of a Former  Broncos Player

Printable Super Bowl Trivia Game

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Super Bowl Trivia Questions

01. What was the first wildcard team to win a Super Bowl?
A. Denver Broncos
B. Baltimore Ravens
C. Oakland Raiders
D. Pittsburgh Steelers

02. Who was the first left-handed quarterback to win a Super Bowl?
A. Steve Young (49ers)
B. Ken Stabler (Raiders)
C. Boomer Esaison (Bengals)
D. Frankie Albert (49ers)

03. Which player is credited for the longest punt return in Super Bowl history?
A. John Taylor
B. Robert Bailey
C. Jordan Norwood
D. Terance Mathis

04. Which quarterback has the most Super Bowl starts?
A. John Elway
B. Tom Brady
C. Terry Bradshaw
D. Troy Aikman

05. Which team won the first ever Super Bowl?
A. Kansas City Chiefs
B. Oakland Raider 
C. Green Bay Packers
D. New York Jets

06. What two networks broadcasted Super Bowl I?
A. CTV and ABC
B. CBS and NBC
C. CTV and NBC
D. CTV and CBS

07. Who performed at the 2002 halftime show?
A. The Rolling Stones
B. Sting
C. U2
D. Aerosmith

08. Which team lost the first ever Super Bowl?
A. Kansas City Chiefs
B. Oakland Raiders
C. New York Jets
D. Baltimore Colts

09. Who holds the record for most receiving yards in a single Super Bowl game?
A. Dan Ross
B. Deion Branch
C. Ricky Sanders
D. Jerry Rice

10. Which starting quarterback has won a Super Bowl with two different teams?
A. Joe Namath
B. Joe Montana
C. Kurt Warner
D. Peyton Manning

11. Which team has scored the most points in a Super Bowl?
A. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
B. Dallas Cowboys C. San Francisco 49ers
D. Chicago Bears

12. Which head coach has the most Super Bowl wins? 
A. Chuck Knoll
B. Bill Belichick
C. Don Shula
D. Bill Walsh

13. Who holds the record for the longest interception return in a Super Bowl?
A. Kelly Herndon (Seahawks) 
B. James Harrison (Steelers) 
C. Kelvin Hayden (Colts)
D. Herb Adderly (Packers)

14. Which quarterback holds the record for the most passing yards in a Super Bowl game?
A. Kurt Warner
B. Joe Montana
C. Terry Bradshaw
D. Tom Brady

15. Which team scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl game?
A. New York Giants
B. Minnesota Vikings
C. Miami Dolphins
D. Baltimore Colts

16. In what stadium was the first Super Bowl played?
A. Orange Bowl
B. Tulane Stadium
C. Rose Bowl
D. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

17. Who holds the record for most career rushing yards in Super Bowl games?
A. Timmy Smith
B. Terrell Davis
C. Franco Harris
D. Thurman Thomas

18. Who was the losing coach in the first ever Super Bowl?
A. Hank Stram
B. John Rauch
C. Don Shula
D. Tom Landry

19. Which two cities have hosted the most Super Bowls?
A. Miami and Dallas
B. Los Angeles and Atlanta
C. New Orleans and Miami
D. San Francisco and New Orleans

20. Which player has made the most Super Bowl appearances?
A. Mike Lodish
B. Tom Brady
C. Adam Vinatieri
D. Charles Haley

Super Bowl Trivia Answers

01. C. Oakland Raiders (The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV, becoming the first wild card team to win the championship.) 

02. B. Ken Stabler (Stabler became the first left-handed QB to win a Super Bowl title when his Oakland Raiders defeated the Minnesota Vikings in 1977.) 

03. C. Jordan Norwood. (Norwood's 61 yard punt return in Super Bowl 50 broke the previous held record set by John Taylor for his 45 yard return in Super Bowl XXIII.) 

04. B. Tom Brady. (Tom Brady leads all quarterbacks with 7 Super Bowl starts.) 

05. C. The Green Bay Packers(The Green Bay Packers won both Super Bowl I and II.) 

06. B. CBS and NBC (Super Bowl I was the only game to be broadcast simultaneously until 2007.) 

07. C. U2

08. A. Kansas City Chiefs (The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chiefs by a score of 35-10.) 

09. D. Jerry Rice(Jerry Rice holds the record for most yards receiving with 215 yards in Super Bowl XXIII. He also holds the record for most career receiving yards in Super Bowl appearances with 589 yards.) 

10. D. Peyton Manning. (Manning won Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts then led the Denver Broncos to victory in Super Bowl 50.) 

11. C. San Francisco 49ers(The 49ers scored 55 points against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV.) 

12. B. Bill Belichick. (Belichick has 5 Super Bowl wins.)  

13. B. James Harrison (Harrison returned an intercepted pass for 100 yards against the Cardinals in the 2009 Super Bowl, breaking Kelly Herndon's previously held record of 76 yards.) 

14. D. Tom Brady (Brady holds the record for the most passing yards in a single Super Bowl game, throwing  466 yards for the New England Patriots against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI.) 

15. C. Miami Dolphins (The Dolphins scored only 3 points in their Super Bowl VI loss to Dallas.) 

16. D. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

17. C. Franco Harris (Harris rushed for a total of 354 yards in 4 Super Bowl games.) 

18. A. Hank Stram (Stram earned the loss when his Kansas City Chiefs were defeated by the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I.) 

19. C. New Orleans and Miami (These cities have each hosted 10 Super Bowl games.) 

20. B. Tom Brady (Brady has played in 7 Super Bowl games.)

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Let us know who WON your Super Bowl Trivia Challenge!

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