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So, you're ready for your Super Bowl party. All you still need are some Super Bowl trivia questions to separate the true fans from the the ones masquerading as fans, just to insure an invitation to your amazing annual event.  

What's a girl to do?

Use the Super Bowl trivia questions we've prepared below. They work well in their multiple choice format, but feel free to ask the questions without the answer choices if you prefer... whatever works for YOUR party.

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NOTE: Trivia last updated on January 10, 2019

A printable version of these Super Bowl trivia questions is available upon request below. Have a SUPER time at your party! 

Printable Super Bowl Trivia Questions and Answers

Super Bowl Trivia Questions

01. Who kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history?
A. Steve Christie (Bills)
B. Jason Elam (Broncos)
C. Jeff Wilkins (Rams)
D. John Kasay (Panthers)

02. Who was named MVP for Super Bowl I?
A. Joe Namath
B. Bart Starr
C. Len Dawson
D. Roger Staubach

03. How much money did a player on the winning team make in Super Bowl I?
A. $15,000
B. $10,000
C. $20,000
D. $8,000

04. Who sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXI?
A. Billy Joel
B. Aaron Neville
C. Barry Manilow
D. Neil Diamond

05. Which team played in 4 consecutive Super Bowls?
A. Miami Dolphins
B. Buffalo Bills
C. Green bay Packers
D. Dallas Cowboys

06. Which player has won the most Super Bowls with one team?
A. Joe Greene
B. Terry Bradshaw
C. Charles Haley
D. Tom Brady

07. How many Super Bowl games have been tied at the end of the first quarter?
A. 13
B. 9
C. 15
D. None

08. How many times has the Super Bowl been tied at halftime?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. none

09. How much did the first Super Bowl tickets cost?
A. $28-$35
B. $23-$27
C. $13-$17
D. $6-$12

10. Which was the most watched Super Bowl game ever?
A. XLI (Colts vs. Bears)
B. XLVI (Giants vs. Patriots)
C. XLIX (Seahawks vs. Patriots)
D. LI (Patriots vs. Falcons)

11. Who is the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl?
A. Tom Coughlin
B. Weeb Ewbank
C. Dick Vermeil
D. Bill Walsh

12. What player has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards?
A. Joe Montana
B. Tom Brady
C. Terry Bradshaw
D. Eli Manning

13. Who was the MVP for Super Bowl XX?
A. Richard Dent
B. Joe Montana
C. Phil Simms
D. Marcus Allen

14. The first famous Super Bowl commercial was advertising which product?
A. Coca-Cola
B. Xerox
C. Noxema
D. Levi's

15. What Super Bowl played outdoors registered the coldest game time temperature?
A. Super Bowl VI - Dallas vs. Miami at Tulane Stadium
B. Super Bowl VIII - Miami vs. Minnesota at Rice Stadium
C. Super Bowl IX - Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota at Tulane Stadium
D. Super Bowl XI - Oakland vs. Minnesota at the Rose Bowl

16. How much did a 30 second commercial spot cost for the 2008 Super Bowl?
A. $2.6 million
B. $3.0 million
C. $2.4 million
D. $2.7 million

17. The longest punt in Super Bowl history was 64 yards. Who kicked it?
A. Lee Johnson (Cincinnati) - XXIII
B. Rich Camarillo (New England) - XX
C. Ryan Allen (New England) – XLIX
D. Sean Landets (New York Giants) - XXI

18. What was the first Super Bowl called?
A. NFL Championship Game
B. AAFC World Championship Game
C. AFL-NFL World Championship Game
D. AFL Championship Game

19. What team had the most fumbles in a Super Bowl game?
A. Dallas - XII
B. Buffalo - XXVII
C. Pittsburgh - X
D. Denver - XII

20. Who holds the record for most career sacks in Super Bowl appearances?
A. Danny Stubbs (49ers)
B. Jeff Wright (Buffalo)
C. Charles Haley (49ers/Cowboys)
D. Reggie White (Green Bay) 

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Answers to Super Bowl Trivia Questions

01. A. Steve Christie (Christie holds the current record for his 54 yard field goal against Dallas in Super Bowl XXVIII. Jason Elam's 51 yard kick [XXXII] is close behind, for the second longest field goal in Super Bowl history.)

02. B. Bart Starr (Bart Starr, the quarterback for the 1967 Green bay Packers, won the very first Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award.)

03. A. $15,000

04. D. Neil Diamond

05. B. Buffalo Bills (Buffalo made four Super Bowl appearances from 1991-1994, and lost all four contests.)

06. D. Tom Brady (Brady has 5 Super Bowl championship rings with the New England Patriots.)

07. A. 13  (Super Bowls 3, 9, 10, 11, 13, 25, 26, 32, 37, 38, 39, 49, and 51)

08. B. 3 (San Francisco 49ers vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in 1989, the New England Patriots vs. the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005, Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots in 2015.)

09. D. $6-$12

10. C. XLIX - (Seahawks vs. Patriots.  With 114.4 million viewers, Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched television broadcast in history.)

11. A. Tom Coughlin (Tom was 65 when he led the New York Giants to victory in Super Bowl XLVI.)

12. B.  Tom Brady. (Brady received the award for Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX and LI.)

13. A. Richard Dent (Chicago defensive end, Richard Dent, received MVP after his Bears defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.)

14. C. Noxzema (This ad featured Farrah Fawcett and the legendary Joe Namath.)

15. A. Super Bowl VI (Game time temperature for Super Bowl VI, Miami vs. Dallas, was 39 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius.)

16. D. $2.7 million

17. C. Ryan Allen (Allen's 64 yard punt is the longest in Super Bowl history followed closely by Lee Johnson's 63 yard kick.)

18. C. AFL-NFL World Championship Game

19. B. Buffalo (Buffalo totaled 8 fumbles in their Super Bowl XXVII appearance.)

20. C. Charles Haley(Haley recorded 4.5 sacks in 5 Super Bowl contests.) 

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