Christmas Song Games and Icebreakers

Add Fal-la-la-la Fun to Your Holiday Parties

Planning to include Christmas song games in your celebrations this holiday season? Well, then... let's get started!

Friends Playing Christmas Song GamesFriends Playing Christmas Song Games

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Ah... Christmas music. Hearing it is a sure sign the holidays are right around the corner.

Christmas song and carol games are a natural fit to any festive celebration.

Whether you love traditional carols or modern Christmas tunes, there are unlimited ways to incorporate your favorites into a game.

For instance, Pictionary Air would be so FUN for hosting a game of Christmas Carol Pictionary. Imagine being able to draw and have it show up on your big screen TV. Everyone would be able to play and see the action, no matter how large your group was.

But there's plenty of other ideas, such as...

Christmas Song Picture Game 

Cartoon image clues representing a dozen popular Christmas songs and carols are posted side by side. How many can you guess?

Sample Clues:

Christmas Song Picture Game Examples for Away in a Manger, Noel, and Silver Bells.Away in a Manger / Noel / Silver Bells

Print and play the full 12 clue Christmas song picture game. It's free!

More Christmas Picture Games

Guess the Christmas Carol Game

Determine the names of well-known Christmas carols by deciphering these synonymous alternative titles.

Senior Flattened By Cloven Aviator = Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

Print and play the Guess the Christmas Carol Game.

More Play on Words Christmas Carol Games

Coming soon!

Christmas Song Trivia and Word Games

Guess popular Christmas carols from a 3 or 4 word phrase taken from the song. Eg. silent stars go by = O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Print and play the Name that Carol game.

More Christmas Song Trivia and Word Games

More Christmas Song Game Ideas

1. Christmas Carol Charades: Write down various Christmas carols on pieces of paper. Players select a piece of paper and must act out the carol for the other players to guess.

2. Christmas Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine with Christmas carols and have a festive sing-off.

3. Christmas Song Hum-Off: Players hum a Christmas carol or song and their teammates have to guess the title.

4. Christmas Carol Bingo: Create Christmas music themed bingo cards and play a festive game of bingo.

5. Christmas Carol Fill-in-the-Blanks: Challenge players to complete the lyrics to popular Christmas carols.

6. Name That Christmas Tune: Play snippets of Christmas songs and have players guess the title.

7. Christmas Song Title Scramble: Scramble up the letters of Christmas Christmas song titles and have players race to unscramble them.


ROTFYS EHT WAMNONS  = Frosty the Snowman

YAWA NI A RANGME = Away in a Manger

HET RIFTS LONE = The First Noel

Christmas Caroling Fun

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