Printable Left Right Christmas Game Story Based on Scrooge from A Christmas Carol

Ready to bring a Dickens of a twist to your holiday gathering? Our  printable LEFT RIGHT Christmas game - the Scrooge Edition will do just that.

The story is infused with the charismatic charm (or lack thereof!) of our favorite Christmas curmudgeon, Ebeneezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol.' Read on and let's sprinkle some merry Scrooge-like fun this Christmas season!

How to Play

1. Everyone sits in a circle with the gift they’ve brought.

2. Assign one person as the storyteller, armed with our delightful LEFT-RIGHT 'Christmas Carol' tale, which naturally, centers on old Scrooge himself!

3. As the storyteller reads the story out loud, and you hear the word 'LEFT', pass your gift to the person on your left. Guess what happens when 'RIGHT' is read? That's right! (pun intended), the gift gets passed to the person on your right!

4. Keep passing the gifts to the LEFT or RIGHT according to the cues in the story.

5. When the story ends, the gift you are holding is yours!

Scrooge Christmas Left Right Game Pin

So, are you ready to dive RIGHT into the Scrooge-y holiday spirit? Follow the exciting twists and turns of our LEFT RIGHT game and may "God bless us, everyone!"

Printable Left Right Christmas Game Story

On a chilly Christmas Eve, RIGHT in the heart of London, a miserly old businessman named Ebeneezer Scrooge toiled in his office. RIGHT around 3:00 pm, his cheerful nephew, Fred, popped RIGHT in the door, extending holiday greetings and an invitation to Christmas dinner.

Scrooge declined RIGHT away in his typical grumpy manner. He didn't like Christmas and never had a kind word LEFT for anyone. Unaffected by his Uncle's mood, Fred LEFT the office and joyfully stepped RIGHT back onto the busy streets of London, heading RIGHT for home.

Aggravated by the interruption, Scrooge sighed, shaking his head RIGHT and LEFT, glad to be left alone to his work.

RIGHT then two gentlemen appeared, seeking donations for the poor. As usual, they encountered Scrooge's indifference, and LEFT empty-handed.

As the men LEFT, the words “Bah Humbug!” were heard coming  RIGHT from Scrooge's lips. He had already agreed to give his underpaid clerk, Bob, Christmas Day off and that was enough charity for the year.

Later that night, RIGHT in the heart of his cold home, Scrooge was spooked by a ghostly visitor who appeared RIGHT before him! Yes, just to his LEFT stood the ghost of Jacob Marley, his old business partner who was there to deliver a message. Before Marley LEFT, he warned Scrooge about the sad life waiting for him if he didn't make things RIGHT. Then, he vanished RIGHT into thin air.

Worried, Scrooge cautiously peered RIGHT and then LEFT, went to bed, and waited, hoping that Marley had not been RIGHT when he told him he would be visited by three spirits.

Unfortunately for Scrooge, RIGHT when the clock struck one, he encountered the first spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Past, standing to his RIGHT.

Scrooge was transported RIGHT into his past. He saw highlights of his joyful, LEFT-behind youth, his kind mentor, Mr. Fezziwig, who made the RIGHT impression on him, and Belle, his past love who LEFT him due to his greed. Stricken with pain, Scrooge pleaded to be taken RIGHT back home.

Soon after, the Ghost of Christmas Present arrived, escorting Scrooge RIGHT to the humble home of Bob Cratchit on the LEFT of a quaint street.

Scrooge was LEFT shaken by the Cratchits' meager, but joyful Christmas celebration and the sight of their frail son, Tiny Tim.

RIGHT then, he was taken RIGHT his nephew Fred's house, to observe the merriment. The ghost showed Scrooge that despite being the subject of some LEFT-handed compliments at his nephew’s party, he was also someone people pitied. 

Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appeared to show him things to come. RIGHT before his eyes, Scrooge saw his own lonely death. But, the bleakest sight was RIGHT at the Cratchit's family home, where they mourned the death of their sweet son, Tiny Tim.

Scared RIGHT to his core, Scrooge was LEFT with no choice, but to mend his ways.

Waking up on Christmas day, RIGHT as dawn broke, he realized he must change his destiny. He immediately ordered a big holiday turkey to be sent RIGHT to the Cratchit family and LEFT to go celebrate Christmas at his nephew's home.

Yes! LEFT with a new found zeal for life, Scrooge raised Bob's salary, and cared for Tiny Tim as if he were his own son. He proved that day that anyone can become a better person.

Even as Scrooge learned his lesson and got on the RIGHT path, let us all remember to be kind and loving. As sweet Tiny Tim RIGHTly said, "God bless us, every one!"

Printable Christmas Left Right Game 

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