Easy Holiday Party Game
Are You Ready for Christmas?

"Are you ready for Christmas?" is a holiday party game that was created as an icebreaker for a Ladies' Christmas Breakfast. It went over really well.

easy holiday party game

The table that accumulated the most points got to be first to get their food from the buffet.  Each table was a team and they kept a tally of their points as the list was read aloud. You could also print a copy of the list for each person or team instead of reading the list and give a prize to most prepared or a lump of coal or such to the least prepared.

This game would also be perfect for a Christmas office party, company Christmas party, corporate Christmas party, family Christmas party... well, you get the picture.

Are You Ready for Christmas Point List

  • Give yourself 1 point if you've put up your Christmas tree, and an extra point if it is real.

  • Give yourself 2 points if you've taken a family Christmas photo this year and 3 points if you're giving copies to friends and family.

  • Give yourself 1 point if you've begun your Christmas baking, and 3 points if you're all done it.

  • Give yourself 2 points if you've gone Christmas caroling this year and 1 point if you plan to.

  • Give yourself 1 point if you've started your Christmas cards, and 3 points if you've finished them.

  • Give yourself 1 point for every Christmas party you've attended in the last 2 weeks.

  • Give yourself 1 point if you've started Christmas shopping and 3 points if you've finished all of your Christmas shopping.

  • Have you bought your Christmas turkey? Give yourself 3 points if you've got it.

  • Have you started listening to Christmas music either at home or in your car? If so, give yourself 2 points (music at the mall doesn't count!)

  • If you've started wrapping your Christmas gifts, give yourself 1 point If you've wrapped them all, give yourself 5 points.

  • If you've put Christmas decorations outside your home, give yourself a point. Give yourself an extra point if you've put up lights.

  • How many of you wish it was January? If so, deduct 5 points.

Printable Holiday Party Games:

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