10th Birthday Scavenger Hunt Sleepover

by Cindy
(Los Angeles, California, United States)

To start off our 10th birthday scavenger hunt sleepover we went to the mall and saw a movie of the birthday girl's choice.

9 girls were invited plus the birthday girl for a total of ten, since she was turning ten.

Once the movie finished the girls were divided into teams, the pink team and the lime green team, since those were are party colors. They had shirts the color of their team and on the shirt it said, Kaley's 10th Birthday Party. The pink team's shirts had the writing in lime green and the lime green team had the writing in pink.

While the girls had there scavenger hunt I set up the cake, food, drinks, gift, and gift bags in the food court.

The girls had an hour to find their things and get back to the food court. The things they had to find were stuff like a job application, a picture of them in the window like a mannequin, and lots more.

When the girl's hour was up we counted who had the most things. Then, we gave the winners stickers, lip gloss, pens, and a note pads (all from the dollar store).

The girls ate and then we loaded up in the car and headed to my house.

First we opened presents there and then watched a movie and ate popcorn and drank sodas. After the movie we headed to the den and danced. Once the girls were tired, they watched tv for a little and then had pillow case races. When they were done they played Truth or Dare and then laid out there sleeping bags and headed to the kitchen.

There we did our nails and watched a movie until the girl fell asleep.

In the morning we had donuts and orange juice and played around until the parents came.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Lists

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by: Maddy

Whenever I was turning 9, I had a scavenger hunt at my house and after the scavenger hunt I got so upset because we were the last team to find our prize which was skittles!!!!

10th Birthday Slumber Party
by: Angel

I was 10 and it was the best night of my life and I haven't had a better time since then.

We watched a movie, we played a LOT of games and we grounded an all-nighter!

Mall Scavenger Hunt
by: Paige

Last year I went to a girls 12th birthday and it was a mall scavenger hunt. These girls were twins so there were two teams. Each team had the same list of things like a picture of a mannequin with red hair or a sample of a certain perfume. After we ate in the food court and had cake at their house.

Mall Scavenger Hunt
by: Alma C. - Dallas, Texas

The Mall - She went to a GREAT Mall....I found one just like it but near our house...my daughter will be thrilled

The Food - She had AMAZING Pizza....Definitely gonna order from them again

The Decorations - It wasn't decorated much but I found some decorations at Party City for cheap! and they are very very very cute.....definitely my daughters style

The Invitations - The girl who invited my daughter loves technology....so she sent an eVite to my daughters email....We love the credit card invitations on this site and we are definitely going to print them!

Mall Scavenger Hunt
by: SAG

For my 12th birthday I had a mall scavenger hunt sleepover. It was so much fun! We met at my house and then headed to the mall. We divided up into 2 groups and we had to find these things. A loose piece of thread, a penny, a perfume sample, a fast food menu, a business card, a sale flyer, 2 different paper napkins, and one bag. Our mall didn't let us take pictures so we improvised. We had 1 hour to find all of this.

After that one hour we mt up at the food court and added points, the team with the most points got to pick their pizza first. Then we had cake and headed back home.

We got home and laid down our sleeping bags and started to watch movies.

In the morning we had breakfast and got all packed up and they went home at 9:00.

Scavenger Hunt List
by: Sam

Can you add a copy of the scavenger hunt list you used to this page! I would like to do this type of party for my birthday!

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