12th Slumber Party Theme

by Kaitlyn
(Novato 94945)

I want to have a slumber party, but I need a theme and games. There will be 8-9 girls there. I am turning 12, and the party is in November or December. It needs to be indoor.

12th Slumber Party Theme Response:

Hi Kaitlyn!

There are so many fun themes you could use. Some quick ideas are:

A Fashion Party
A 50s, 60s or 70s party
A Hip Hop Party
A Dance Party
A Princess Party
A Wild West Party
A Movie Party
A Sports Party
An International Party
A Chocolate Party
A Murder Mystery Party
A Mardi Gras Party
An Oscar Party
An Olympic Party
A Safari Party
A Detective Party
A Purple Party
A Cruise Party
A Board Game Party
A Pirate Party

What the theme is really depends on who you are and what you like. I've noted this several times, but a party can be built around almost anything. That's how new and unique themes are created.

If none of the themes above appeal to you, let me know what you like, using the comment box below, and I'll help you come up with a theme and some party ideas.


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Dance Party
by: Takira

My 8 best friends arrived at my house for my 12th birthday at 3:00 pm. We all played Sorry and Truth or Dare. It was very fun. Then mom cooked us a pizza and we sat down and ate. We finally got a lot of cds and jammed to our fave tunes and we lip sync to our favorite song. My friends got to spend the night so finally we laid down, but we never went to sleep. So, we got back up and sang and sang again. Then at 1:00 am we finally popped in a night dvd and went to sleep. Morning came. We woke up and played Twister and danced all morning.

party game
by: chick

play light as a feather stiff as a board its a really cool game

You are invited to a slumber party
by: Sh'rae


by: Anonymous

A great theme is to have a movie marathon and watch movies all night. Order popcorn, coke, sweets and it will be the best slumber party in town !!!!!!!!!

I'll help you Ruby

Slumber Party
by: Anonymous

A spa party always works! Get 4-5 different finger nail polishes and get some cheap masks & make gift bags!!! Everyone will love the gifts!!! You can play some games like Bed Bugs where you get rocks and write on them and then hide them around the house!! Have every one find all of them! To make it more fun put glow in the dark paint on the rocks!!! Movies also always work!!! Rent some new movies. That way your friends have not seen them a million times!!! For snacks... popcorn, cheese trays!!! Hope you have a blast. If you need more tips I will check back on the site later!!!

About the Themes
by: Wendy

Several of the themes mentioned have full page instructions on this site. Once Kaitlyn indicates what theme she is interested in I will focus on that theme and add ideas for it.

Theme Instructions
by: hottie

Please give instructions for the themes!!!!

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