13th Birthday Manicure Party

by Evelyn

Teen Manicure Party

Teen Manicure Party

My 13th Birthday Manicure Party and More...

When I turned 13, I wanted a really good party to celebrate my teenage years. I decided that I wanted to do something based around manicures so I called up every beauty salon in my area to get the best quote for a party. I eventually found one which offered a great deal. Hiring out a salon can be expensive, but if you ask for birthday packages, they are usually a better deal with lots of bonus extras.

On the day I picked up my 5 guests and we drove to the salon. We had the whole place to ourselves and my mom bought some snacks for us to nibble on. We each had our nails done by the professionals, and I got a pink base with white stripes coming from each side of my nails. It looked fantastic! After that we had a professional make-up session ad we all looked fabulous.

Next we went out shopping in town and we tried on loads of different clothes. I wore a tiara that said 'Birthday Girl' on it for the whole trip. What made it extra special was that there was a jazz festival happening in the town square on the day!

My best friend was insisting that we go to this really nice shop that her friend owns first and I was amazed when I saw a big cake with my name on it and a little present on the counter! She had arranged for me to have my own little party there! That will definitely be a shopping trip to remember!

After shopping, we all went to a pizza place. My mom and I had arranged for there to be a special reserved table in the window with a pink tablecloth and lots of balloons on the table for when we arrived. It looked amazing and we had delicious food too. After we ate the manager brought out my 3 layer cake out with decorations on and we each had a slice and then the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to me!! Then we let off party poppers which went everywhere! The other guests at the restaurant were seriously impressed and my friends loved it too!

Always phone up different restaurants to find the right one that is not too pricey but will make a good impression. Also, do not be afraid to ask what you can and can't bring and what facilities you can use, you will often get a much more enjoyable experience.

I would very much recommend having a birthday party similar to this because it is so much fun to celebrate becoming a teenager and your guests still talk about your party a year on!

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Manicure Party Costs
by: Diva Girl

Several of you asked how expensive Evelyn's party was because you want to have this type of party too. The range in price can vary so much. If price is no object, then your choices are limitless.

If you have a certain budget for your party you'll have to make decisions based on that.

Let's say your budget is $100 and manicures cost $20 each and pizza $5 each. In that case you could invite 3 girls to share your day with you. Or if you wanted to invite 4 girls you might want to opt for homemade pizza or ordering in to the house as then the pizza cost would most likely be cheaper (if you even want to include pizza).

Of course, shopping around you may find a place that does manicures for $15 each for parties.

If your budget is quite low you have the option of asking a couple adult or older teen friends of the family that are good at nails to come to the house and pamper your guests with a manicure. Also, there are some manicurists that will travel to a location (like your home) that may be cheaper than going to a salon.

Where I live there are some that quote $10 per girl for manicures, but most are more. Where you live the price could be higher or lower. This is one where you really need to check what's available in your local area.

by: Samantha

I was looking for a spa-type themed birthday party and this seems perfect!! I was just wondering, wouldn't it be kind of expensive?

by: Jess

My party is really soon and I really want to have this themed party after I read it. Was it expensive though...?

by: Amy

Sounds AWESOME but did it cost a lot of money???

by: Annie

That sounds amazing! But wasn't it a bit pricey?

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