14th Pajama Hotel Glitter Party

by Bria
(Richton Park, IL)

I need help and ideas for my 14th pajama hotel glitter party. It will be in September and I would like to have somebody come and do our nails.

For party favors I would like the girls to have personalized pajamas with their name on it and other small prizes.

This party is for girls between 12-13, and it will be in a hotel, so my question is where can I get all of that at an affordable price?

teen hotel pajama party

14th Pajama Hotel Glitter Party Response:

Hi Bria!

Sounds like you're going to have a really great party.

Personally, I would get someone I know that is good at doing nails to come and assist the girls with doing their nails... if they even need help. I recently did a nail party for girls. We brought a nail kit with all sorts of stencils and colors and gems, etc. to the party. The girls had a ball doing each others nails and they came up with so many amazing designs. Girls love to express their creative side, especially in their teens and tweens.

If you decide you'd rather hire someone, I would call around to the local beauty schools and see if you can hire someone (who's still in training) for an hour or two. That should lower the cost somewhat.

As far as personalized pajamas are concerned, I think you would have an easier time finding deals by searching your local malls for clearance pjs. There are a number of factors to consider, of course. The girls probably aren't all the same size. If you want them all to have the same pajamas and there are a lot of girls, finding a deal will be harder. You might want to consider bath robes. That is always the luxury item at spas and hotels. Crazy for Bargains (see below) has some robes at pretty good prices. Also, you could monogram the pjs or robes instead of using the full names of the girls. That would cut the cost a bit.

There is also the option of having the girls draw on their own monograms or names with fun stencils and fabric markers.

For small prizes I would look for things like sample packs of makeup, nail polish, hair accessories, etc. and split the packs up. The items are smaller, but the cost will be significantly less per girl than full size.

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Cheap Ideas that WORK!
by: Anonymous

First off, have everyone bring their favorite nail polish (color or brands). This will save you a lot of time and money.

Secondly, you can buy the toe seperators cheap and in bags of up to 8 sets at a Target, FM, and maybe even Party City. . . I'm not sure, but I know I have seen them out there.

I say there is no need to go to a hotel. This is spendy, plus you have to add in travel there, movies rented, shopping, dinner, and snack food. These girls will feel like they have no limits.
If they are at the hostess' house they will have a little more respect and go to bed at a reasonable hour, plus the volume will be much much lower.

GOOD LUCK and congrats...

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