14th Spa Birthday Party

by Val

What activities can I do for my 14th spa birthday party besides manicures, pedicures,
and facial masks?

garden spa party

Teen Spa Birthday Party Response:

Unless you have a sauna, jacuzzi, or someone to give massages to the girls, that about sums up the available spa treatments that can be experienced at home.

There are mobile spas that will come to your home (depending on where you live) and give various spa treatments. They can, however, be pricey.

If you need to keep the cost down and want to do something different then the treatments you noted, you could try homemade bodywraps. You'll have to get the girls to wear old bikinis for that and bring large towels to wrap themselves in to keep in the heat of whatever body wrap concoction you decide to whip up. Then, you could all relax in a dimly lit room with candles burning and soft music playing, and allow the special body clay, mud, or lotion you applied to work it's magic.

You could also make homemade spa products for your party. There are tons of recipes online that can be made with things you have around the house. Get pretty bottles so the girls can bring their creations home in a memorable way. Label the bottles with homemade stickers or use nail polish or permanent markers to draw right on them. Have some pretty ribbon on hand to tie around the bottles also.

How about trying some kind of hair treatment? Then you could all do each other's hair afterward and take some glam shots.

You could play conversation games and eat dainty finger foods... a chocolate fountain or chocolate fondue is always a nice touch for a spa party. I also have a spa trivia I haven't added to my site yet, if you're interested.

Soft lighting, candles, and relaxing music create a spa mood so be sure to include any or all of those things. Ask your friends to come in their favorite bathrobes even. Make some fancy drinks and serve them in pretty glasses.

If you have any additional questions, please use the comment box below.


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by: Silvia Tuff

My friends throw really lavish parties, but my parents want to keep it low key. This year, for my 14th birthday, I want to do a spa theme, and I think I can convince them to hire a at-home spa service, but what else should I do?!?! HELP!! Thank you so much! This site is great!

Response: Create a relaxing atmosphere at your home with candles (possibly even scented), soft music, and finger treats and beverages set out in such a way that your visitors feel pampered as soon as they walk in the door. I often even set up a sign in table that includes a "homemade" brochure of the treatments available. A professional spa service may have those available to you even.


by: Anonymous

Check out

depends on the location, but it could work!

Please Send me the Spa Trivia
by: Morgan


I was wondering if you could send me the spa trivia?

Hi Morgan!

Click Here for the Spa Trivia

spa trivia
by: Cheryl

please send me your spa trivia. I appreciate you sharing your ideas with all of us.
cm4us at yahoo dot com

by: bethany ward

Hello... im going to be 14 in April and I'm wondering how much it would be to have 4-5 people for a mobile spa party?

I live in Hastings/St. Leonard's on sea. Would it be possible? Please contact me as soon as possible thank you.

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