21st Birthday Party

by Rose

I'm having a limo for my 21st birthday party and I need a theme!

I don't want those overused themes like pimp and hoe or toga. I really want something original. I have no idea what... HELP! :)

My favorite color is blue...

I don't want costumes as in... not a pirate... but other costumes like a hollywood star would be ok... hope that makes sense...

21st Birthday Party Response:

How about a Divas on Ice Girls Night Out? You and your friends could dress to the nines and go to an upscale club and enjoy blue cocktails or mocktails (in honor of the birthday girl, of course).

I'm not sure what time you plan to leave, but even stopping at a diamond store and trying on some real diamonds would be fun.

Set up a photo shoot with a professional photographer (or hire a friend). Really glam it up.

I'm assuming this is an all girl party, but if not, the guys could come in black suits and ties to add to the starlet atmosphere.

If dinner is in the plans, go to a fancy establishment or have a close friend set up a really glamorous dinner setting anywhere. Large branches spray painted white, mounted on stands, scattered around a room, and covered with white mini-lights make for a breathtaking scene. Adding white linens and steel blue napkins, candles and accessories is absolutely gorgeous.

I love places that have live music. I live close to Niagara Falls, so sometimes you can even see fireworks during dinner. Awesome!

You asked for a theme and you stated that you liked blue and dressing up, so the first thing that came to my mind was "Divas on Ice." Ice is associated with both blue and diamonds.


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An Elegant & Exquisite Grown But Sexy 21st Bday
by: Jazzy

Hi, I'm turning 21 this month and I wanted to get a hotel room for me & several of my friends to get together. I'm really in need of theme & decoration ideas. I like brightness when it comes to colors, but not too loud ex: pink, turquoise, red, fuchsia, lilac stuff like that.

Diamonds are also my thing, anything sparkly like gold and silver. Also, we are going out to eat at an upscale buffet that night too where I want everyone to dress with some class. I also like the whole red carpet idea as well.

I want something that represents me aging and maturing as well as remaining forever young. I want it to represent my class, my elegant style, and how I stand out. Something out of the ordinary. Please help me come up with a theme that fits all these ideas.


For a theme... Putting on the Ritz ... would definitely spell glam. Invitations could be designed almost like Oscar party invitations. Can you see if you can rent a small theater party room for a private screening of a movie you and your friends are wanting to see and have some fancy finger foods catered in.

That could be followed with dancing at a fancy hotel that has live music. I know I've been to a few in Toronto and they are very classy. I imagine most bigger cities have them. Those small rooms are intimate and ritzy.

Help!!! No Clue
by: Anonymous

My daughter is turning 21 and I'm trying to figure out how to decorate her room. She is definitely a diva and I need some great ideas. Party is already set and done... but I just wanted to make her feel special and do up her room.

Reply: Do you mean the room where you are hosting the party? Without knowing anything about your theme or the size of the room or the current decor of the room, I would say class it up with black as an anchor color and pink to give it pop. Alternatively an icy blue as the accent color for a diamond theme is cool. I did one party where I spray painted about 2 dozen large tree branches white and entwined them with white mini lights. That alone was breathtaking when you walked in the room, but it took a lot of work. For another diva party we had shoes as the theme and had centerpieces with satin pillows topped with gorgeous stilletos. Of course the rest of the room followed suit, like having luxurious gowns on dressmaker stands (mannequins without heads), etc. A little more information about the room (and the theme of the party if you have one) would be helpful.

by: Anonymous

Hey I wanted to try the divaliciuos mystery party. I love purple and I really want to have a blast and go all out. What are some ideas for my theme?

by: Anonymous

Have a red carpet and dress up as a famous celebrity {ex: Marilyn Monroe}. You can have some family members or friends to act like the press.

21st bday help!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

My best mate's having a 21st party. She has the venue and everything. The only thing that she is stuck on is the theme to her 21st birthday. She loves the colour purple and I would really appreciate the help because that is the least that I can for her seeing that I am unable to make it. Please share your ideas if anyone has an idea for a theme with the colour purple!!!


Since purple is associated with mystery and nobility, you might want to try a "Divalicious Mystery Party." There are a number of ways you could take the theme depending on how many guests there are and whether it will be all girls or mixed.

Blue and White Birthday theme for your 21st
by: Anonymous

I am planning a "Denim & Diamond" party for my daughter's 21st. The theme colors would be blue and white and the dress code is blue jeans, white top and diamond accessories. We will have a music band, with dancing all night. I already made a back drop in white fabric with blue denim border, and decorated it w/ denim jeans pockets and other blue jean appliques w/ diamond studs. The guests can take pic;s w/ the birthday girl and can autograph on the backdrop too. I am planning to decorate the house w/ blue and white balloons w/ some silver decor to highlight the diamond accent. The Birthday girl will wear a diamond tiara and a sash. I already send the invitations, which was a blue denim pocket(I ordered 50 cards for 50 families) w/ diamonds studs on 4 corners of the pocket. Haven't decided anything for the cake yet. Any ideas???? One of the highlights for the dancing would be a line dance by some young girls in blue jeans and white top w/a white cap dancing to "Billy Jean" song.

Theme Party
by: Anonymous

Hi I am in desperate need of a theme for my 21st birthday party in a months time.

I have hired a hall which will consists of about 100 guests.

I would like to go formal but sassy, my favorite colour is purple, i was thinking Black and purple but to get a theme to suite my colours.

Please help


Just like everyone else, I NEED HELP!!
by: Anonymous

ok im turning 21 but my birthday is going to have bother over and under age people, i wanna do something special and crazy with light themes, nothing like to extravagant but a black and white theme would be cool, but not that boring, geez im being vague :P i have a budget of 1000 and im hoping to have around 10 ppl

by: Denise

hey i am denise and i am 21 soon i want to do something mad really mad help




Forever Young
by: Anonymous

Im about to celebrate my 21st birthday and wanted a theme as well.. and like you i didn;t want an over used theme.. and settled on "Forever Young" whre you come dressed up as what you wanted to be when you were little

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