21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt

by Brittny

Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl

We want to do a scavenger hunt at the bars for a friend's 21st birthday, and we are trying to create a list of creative things to do while at the bars.

Some of the things we already have are...

  • Taking photos with the bouncers
  • Taking a shot with the bartender

    We want some more input. We are a very outgoing group so any suggestions are welcome. Any ideas?

    21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt Response:

    I'm not sure if you are dividing into teams or not, so you may have to alter my ideas to suit. I'll give my ideas on the assumption you'll be travelling as one group.

    Some ideas that come to mind are:

  • A dance competition with a stranger or staff member on a stage (if they have one) or in an area designated for dancing. Let the patrons vote for the winner by applause.
  • Have a bartender who does tricks with drinks teach a team member to do the trick competently.
  • Challenge a team member or a stranger to do a stunt like a handstand or reciting the alphabet between shots till one can't do it.
  • Have a team member serenade a stranger of the same sex.
  • Ask random strangers for their definition of prepuce.
  • Hunt down the best dumb blonde or jock joke. Be sure to award the winner with a free drink or a kiss from a team member.
  • Have a team member propose something outrageous to a stranger... the more creative and believable the better.
  • Braid a male stranger's beard (or hair if no beard is long enough). The burlier the stranger the better.
  • Challenge strangers or the team to a beer sipping contest. Competitors must drink beer with a straw.
  • Play one round of truth or dare with each bartender. The bartender gives your team the truth or dare challenge.

    Hope this sparks your imagination.


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    My 21st birthday is coming up
    by: Anonymous

    I am a girl turning 21 soon and want something spectacular and memorable to do. I want everyone attending to get involved. This will be guys and ladies event ;)

    21st birthday scavenger hunt not at a bar
    by: Anonymous

    what about a birthday party scavenger hunt around a college campus or neighborhood/park? i am thinking of having various stops, perhaps with drinking challenges, and clues to get to the next stop...

    any ideas?

    A Different Hunt
    by: DG

    The person requesting this hunt specifically requested a bar crawl and indicated one of the items on her list already included drinking.

    If you are looking for a 21st birthday scavenger hunt that is completely different you should start a new question, but please be specific about what kind of hunt you are looking for, where it will be held, if it will be an all girl or mixed event, etc.

    Scavenger Hunt for Non Drinkers
    by: Anonymous

    What happens if you don't drink? Because I don't...


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