9th Slumber Party

by Steff
(New York)

Girls Slumber Party

Girls Slumber Party

My friends and I want a cool fun slumber party. I don't know what to do!

9th Slumber Party Response

Hi Steff!

When I help plan a party for my nieces and nephews, they tell me about the things they really like and we build a party from there.

Last year my 10 year old niece wanted a Polly Pocket party. We made invitations out of pockets. In the invitation we noted that Polly had lost her stuff and needed help finding it. Then all of the games and activities were included in a scavenger hunt that helped the girls find and recreate Polly's stuff. Even the birthday cake, which was in the shape of a purse had clues hidden inside.

2 years before that we had a Barbie party for her, with all sorts of fashion, makeup and dress up games.

Please let me know a few of your favorite things by using the comment box below. It could be a movie, an activity, an item... anything you like. It's so fun to make a party that no one has done before, a party that reflects who YOU are.


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9th Monster High Slumber party
by: Selena

I need some ideas for a Monster High slumber party. Please help me.

Reply: I would definitely teach all your friends to do the dance in the Monster High video and then even shoot your own version of the video for fun.

Ask your guests to come dressed as monsters and to give your invitations an extra special touch you may even want to get a caricature of yourself done as a monster. Fiverr has artists that do that sort of thing for $5.

You could watch the online Monster High webisodes at some point in the evening.

If your friends enjoy crafts you might want to create your own monster dolls and give them cool names.

Black and pink are popular colors associated with Monster High and there are some fun patterns for making purses with colored duct tape available.

You could also make up a Monster High trivia to play. How about Pin the Head on the Skeleton?

I Need Something Different!
by: Mystery D

I'm having a slumber party for my upset bff and managed to get my paws on two face masks! I need more ideas.

Mean Girl
by: gia

There is a girl that is so mean. My friend invited me to her birthday party, but I was only five and she also invited her to, so I brought a Winnie the Pooh's special birthday book and that mean girl laughed at me.

And also my 9th birthday is coming up and we are wnat to watch a movie and I want a good movie like... Monte Carlo.


by: hi

I'm turning nine in October and I want a sleep over party. Any ideas?

More Ideas?
by: sophie

Your idea is good, but I'm looking for something groovy like music and a classic cake... a normal party. What would you suggest for me? thx

9th Slumber Party
by: alyssa

Sometimes you can have a pillow fight and tell funny stories and tell jokes and play in your pool.

9th Birthday Sleepover
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering what to do for my 9th birthday sleepover. I'm having 11 girls. Any ideas for games? I've got a big house to play games in. Please post ideas. I'm totally lost for what to do!

My Slumber Party Ideas
by: Alannah

Hey! It's nearly my 10th b'day and I am going to have a slumber party. I am going to have 5 people over, 2 boys and 3 girls.

We are going to go ice-skating at first and then the boys will go and the girls will come back to my house. We will go in to my room and get into pj's and put on some music so loud and sing and dance to it. Then we'll put our names in a hat and pick 2 names out. One person has to do the other one's nails. Once we are done we are gong to play truth and dare. Then, we will talk and tell secrets and watch a movie. Biiii-Biii!

Slumber Party Game Suggestions
by: Anonymous

Have fun hanging out at your party. Play tag, hide and go seek, and do a scavenger hunt and a tinfoil fashion show. Add your own twist to the party by making up your own fun entertaining game like diva vs pig sty. That game is fun!

Slumber Party Ideas
by: idea thinky girl

Mummy wrap, crafts, a scavenger hunt, freeze dance, and baking is what I would do at my party. Don't forget to give the people who came to your party some gifts also. Remember to ask them to bring sleeping bags on your invite or else they might not and you will have a problem.

P.S. If some people are rude, don't invite them.

Popular diva ideas
by: taylor

My idea is you should do each others hair, paint toes and finger nails, and have snack and games, listen and dance to songs, watch movies, make cookies and eat popcorn. Have fun...be you!!!

by: Anonymous

I'm turning 12 do u have any ideas..i have some for some other people there is truth or dare that is always fun (:

Party Games
by: Anonymous

This game is not too little kiddish, but it is not too old either These are the steps to having an awesome soda tasting game.

1. Buy 10 sodas or more
2. Put the sodas in wine glasses one at a time
3. Let the girls dress up in fancy dresses and high heels
4. Pretend your at a wine tasting hold the glasses with your pinky up and act grown up

I hope this game will work for you. I am 10 years old and two months ago I went to a sleepover and we played this game. We even played dance music so we could act like we were at the club....HALLA...

by: Anonymous

Well I'm having a spa slumber party. Invite 2-3 friends and kick back in your p.j.s. Watch movies and do nails and facials.

P.S. If you don't want to buy face cream just mix yogurt and a half of a banana together. It sounds weird but it feels great. Add a little oatmeal if you want to exfoliate, leave on for 15 minutes and wash off. Your skin will be so soft.


Slumber partys are fun. In fact, I am going to have one on my birthday on August 1. I shall invite 3 bffs. I will make a big tent for all of us to sleep in. It will be the best slumber party ever. I can't wait. Then we are going to Six Flags with our bathing suits. We are going to ride all the rides. Then we are going to Skull Island which is in Six Flags and go down this big jumbo slide and in to this huge pool. I can't wait until I turn 10!

slumber party rules
by: diva-the-house

If you want a super sassy slumber party, these are some rules I reckon you should follow...RULES: 1.Remember to always have fun and never be bossy or greedy. 2.NEVER think about something to do with school because this is a sleepover so you should just relax and have fun. 3. If you're watching movies don't watch movies that some kids are not allowed to watch. 4.Try not too invite someone that you know who are really loud, mean or bossy because your parents might get annoyed. 5.Don't gossip about other people because someone at your sleepover might be friends with the person who your talking about.

Never given a slumber party before, but....
by: lalasn

Well, I will be throwing a slumber party for my soon to be 9 year old. Though I've never done one before- I was thinking, of course- pizza night, each girl would pick a name out of a hat to see who they will be doing a makeover for, polish each other's nails, each girl makes her own brownie by adding in the stuff she likes (M&M's Reese's pieces, etc). Also, a movie (Bratz, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, etc.) I think that sounds cool!!!

Any feedback?!!

by: Michelle

i think that is so cool!!! lol

my birthday party
by: Anonymous

hey! i'm turning nine on December 13 but i'm celebrating it on December 12th it is so fun to have our own birthday party and get to do whatever you want and pick your own activities!!!!!

my birthday party games and stuff
by: nia

wow! i love dancing so i'm going to have a dancing contest and a dancing routine with all of my friends because all of my friends are talented with dancing so that would be the perfect thing to do for my COOL birthday party

Slumber party tips! :)
by: Anormas999999999

Play outdoor games for a while before your crammed in a room with other people for the whole night. Dont forget, here are some rules: no fighting/arguing. no leaving the house without an adults permission. Check and see if you brought your proper equipment for spending the night. For instance, Toothbrush, pillow, sleeping bag, stuffed animal, brush, and other good items for the slumber party. Plus, if your going to the roller skating rink, stick together, ask if you may go to the restroom, and at cake, food and ice-cream, and having a drink, be sure to chew and of course, drink, with your mouth closed. But heres a main tip: DONT THINK ABOUT THE END OF THE SLUMBER PARTY!! :( IT BORING WHEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!!:( THINK ABOUT CRAFTS, OR PLAYTIME!! :) Well, BYE!!!!!!

Slumber party ideas and good smart tips!
by: Anormas999999999

Announce that no one can sleep on sofas or beds. it causes fighting sometimes. Dont forget,if you are inviting someone who may be a little rude and they kinda do at youre party, then just dont hang out with them, or just say knock it off. If you are having a roller skating slumber party tell everyone to stay near by the birthday girl. Ask to go to the bathroom. dont play tag. And here are some home rules too. Ask to go outside. just have a talk with your mom or your dad.

Ideas: play piggly wiggley. watch movies like Parent Trap(rated G.) Bugs life (rated G.) etc. Have most things planned before the party, maybe have 2-3 people come early to tell you what to bring, do, say, wear, etc.on the invitations put when it begins and ends, where, RSVP. for an example the rsvp should have a phone number:444-4444. Or write an e-mail address like: lllll@lllll.com. write if your having food so they can know if they have to eat before the party or just wait until it begins. OHHHHH!!! and make smores!!!!!! So, Have fun at your party!!!!!!

Slumber Party Tips!!
by: Zoey 09

Announce that no one can sleep on sofas or beds. it causes fighting sometimes. Try to get some fresh air before you are crammed in a room with a bunch of people for the entire night. Grab a seat. find a movie. Set up a concession stand. Cause its time to watch a movie. Avoid Truth or Dare. Truth can embarrass people and Dare can get out of hand. But, whatever just dont play it! Got Me?! Oh and if you are going to a roller skating rink, be sure you have your guests somewhere near. And ask to go to the rest room too. Dont forget if you see somthing strange suh as a Big old bug tell one of the NICE workers. But before that have two or three guests come early to pick out what to wear, what to bring and, what not to do or bring or say. Dont forget, have a polite attitude. Everyone hates grumpy people. They also dont like greedy people, so share stuff. Say you bought something from the souvenir shop. And one item was a bouncy ball. Just let them play with it. If people are playing tag in the kitty rink say this: "STOP PLAYING TAG!" "THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS HERE!!" Then they might go away. Here is some good decorations. sparkly banner with music notes on it. Well, Thats it, Thank you for reading: Zoey 09 produtions!! "Bye!!"" Bye"!!

Party Tips and ideas
by: Anonymous

Remember, invite people who you play with.Because if you pick people out of the blue who you don't play with you might not really hang out with them. they could feel left out. A good idea is to have ghost stories. If you like, have a fun occasion. Like roller skating, going to a good movie, etc. Or have a slumber party!!!! Don't forget about games! Play the game heads up 7 up! Trust me it's a fun fun one!

type of party
by: reeree

well my b day is soon so i was just wondering because i am also turning 10 so i just am wondering what i should do for my slumber party and make sure other 10 year olds like comment me back. someone

I feel your pain sister
by: Adwoa

its my ninth birthday soon and i really dony know what to do it is like im spinning around

by: Lauren

I think you should post comments on your site comments like what to do at a nine year old slumber party trust me i know nine year old girls guess what i am one!

REALLY Good ideas
by: lizzy

I think the polly pocket idea was spectacular I think tha any 9 yr old wuold love to have a party like that or mybe even a 18 year old. I think Wendy' s ideas are great she must throw a party every day it seems like!

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