Baby Trivia

Multiple Choice Baby Shower Quiz

Baby trivia is perfect for a baby shower or a mom's group icebreaker.  

This multiple choice baby trivia quiz will test your knowledge of all things baby.  How much do you REALLY know or remember about babies?

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Baby Trivia Questions

01. When born, what size is the baby's head in relation to the rest of his/her body? 

A. one half the size of the body 

B. one quarter the size of the body

C. one eighteenth the size of the body

02. What is a diaper called in South Africa?

A. Nappy

B. Dispenser

C. Disposable

03. Who was the original Gerber baby?

A. Shirley Temple

B. Ann Turner

C. Mr. Clean

04. What color was used for boys in 1900's?

A. Blue

B. Pink

C. Yellow

05. How old was the oldest woman on record to get pregnant?

A. 78 years

B. 54 years

C. 66 years

06. A baby is born with all the following reflexes, except...

A. The ability to swim

B. Understanding foreign language

C. Sucking 

D. Grasping a finger

07. How heavy was the heaviest baby ever born?

A. 15 pounds 5 ounces

B. 30 pounds

C. 21 pounds 4 ounces

D. 23 pounds 12 ounces

E. 17 pounds 2 ounces

F. 26 pounds 1 ounce

08. When does the eye color set in an infant?

A. 6-9 months

B. 4-5 months

C. 2-4 weeks

09. A baby is born with how many bones?

A. 300

B. 206

C. 275

10. What is the greatest amount of children born to one woman?

A. 20

B. 42

C. 69

11. What is the first sense a baby develops?

A. hearing

B. taste

C. smell

D. touch

12. When does a baby start to smile socially?

A. at birth

B. 3-4 months

C. 4-8 weeks

D. 6-9 months

13. What is the typical cost of raising a child in the United States for the first year of life (not including medical costs)?

A. $2,000

B. $10,000

C. $15,000

D. $7,000

14. What is the average time it takes a man to change a diaper?

A. 30 seconds flat!

B. 3 minutes

C. 2 minutes 5 seconds

D. 1 minute 36 seconds

15. What are the 3 careers of the men in "3 Men and a Baby?"

A. Waiter, Actor, Mortgage Broker

B. Actor, Architect, Songwriter

C. Architect, Cartoonist, Actor

D. Cartoonist, Actor, Salesman

16. Babies are born without which body part?

A. Kneecaps

B. Elbows

C. Tailbone

D. Shoulder blades

17. What is the word for pregnant in England?

A. stuffed

B. full

C. packed

18. Which of the following celebrities named their baby Phinnaeus?

A. Angelina Jolie

B. Julia Roberts

C. Courtney Cox

D. Barbra Walters

19. Which music group sang the song "Baby Love?"

A. The Supremes 

B. Abba 

C. The Carpenters

20. What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date?

A. 80-81%

B. 24-25%

C. 3-4% 


1. What do you need to make your own diaper cake? Answer

2. How long does the typical baby shower last? Answer 

3. What are the top 2 mistakes a hostess can make at a baby shower? Answer 

Baby Trivia Answers

01. B. one quarter the size of the body / 02. C. Disposable (A nappy is a diaper in England. A disposable is a diaper in South Africa. A dispenser, well, it dispenses things.) / 03. B. Ann Turner / 04. B. Pink (Pink was believed to be a strong color, so naturally people would dress their boys in it. Girls were dressed in blue because it was thought to be a delicate color) / 05. C. 66 years / 06. B. Understanding foreign language (Ok, this was a freebie. The baby is born with the natural ability to swim, but it is lost quickly. It naturally knows how to suck and grasp a finger. But the baby most likely will not come out knowing 3 languages.) / 07. D. 23 pounds 12 ounces / 08. A. 6-9 months /09. A. 300 (A baby is born with 300 bones, but an adult has 206 bones. These bones fuse together later.) / 10. C. 69(In the 1700's a woman from Russia had 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.) / 11. A. hearing / 12. C. 4-8 weeks / 13. D. $7,000 (Included in these costs are diapers, formula, daycare, clothing, etc.) /14. D. 1 minute 36 seconds (Men are faster at changing diapers than women. Men average 1 min 36 seconds to change a diaper while a woman takes 2 minutes 5 seconds.) / 15. C. Architect, Cartoonist, Actor / 16. A. Kneecaps / 17. A. stuffed (Be careful if you are eating in an English home. If you say, "I'm stuffed", they will think you are pregnant!) / 18. B. Julia Roberts/ 19. A. The Supremes / 20. C. 3-4%

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