Black and White Party

by Ellen Dissevelt
(Doha, Qatar)




We live in Doha, State of Qatar.

My daughter (12) will have her party this weekend and I was wondering what party items we could think of in black and white (besides balloons and napkins, cups and plates) and what kind of (pool) games? She also has a slumber party that night.

What ideas do you have for a black and white birthday cake and finger food?



Black and White Party Response:

Hi Ellen!

There are so many things you can use to decorate for a black and white party. Some examples are:

Black and white checkered tablecloths and flags.
And for a more elegant party... a black tablecloth overlayed with white lace, white glitter confetti, or white placemats, etc.

Black and white candles can be used to decorate even if you don't want to light them. Put the taper type on stands or put floating candles in glass bowls.

Newspaper can be shaped into all kinds of decorations. Most newspaper is black and white. Wrap boxes with newspaper and tie black or white ribbon around it just for decor. For a casual party you could even wrap the food table in newspaper or use it to make placemats. I would wipe it a bit with a dry paper towel. It tends to give off some black ink.

Sheet music is great for a black and white theme and black and white picture collages. Black and white photos could be set out all over or you could scatter them over a table and cover with a clear tablecloth or glass.

Game pieces can be used to decorate also... things like chess men, the 8 ball from pool, etc.

As far as a birthday cake is concerned, I like the the "cake" I see made for weddings sometimes now, using cupcakes... perfect for twelve year olds. Otherwise, I would maybe make a checker board cake and try to get chess men candles or use chocolate and white wafer cookies as checkers. There are a ton of ideas for a black and white birthday cake actually. If you want a more specific idea, please use the comment box below to add more information.

It would be fun to put out little bowls of black and white jellybeans. There is a recipe for black and white chocolates on my site if you're interested. I don't know if your kids like black olives, but pizza with white cheeze and black olives would fit the black and white theme. You could also mix regular popcorn with chocolate covered popcorn. Did you want the finger foods to be black and white or did you just want finger food ideass in general?

As for pool games, are you referring to an above ground backyard pool or a large public pool and is there a diving board? This will make a difference in my answer.

Likewise with the slumber party, are you wanting to follow the black and white theme or are you looking for ideas in general?

Please use the comment box below to add additional information.


Comments for Black and White Party

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by: kween latu

Ok, I have a black and white party planned for November 11, 2011 and it's for single adults only. I have no clue what to do and how to do this. I thought it would be easy, but gosh it's so hard. I read some of your ideas and they are pretty good. It's like a church dance and I don't know what to do...


If your black and white party will include a church dance, then you'll want to ask your guests to come dressed in formal wear with black and white being the predominant colors.

Decorating is pretty easy as there are a LOT of black and white party supplies available. Top it off with a dash of color (perhaps red roses on the tables if you're serving food) and the black and white will even making a stronger statement.

I would personally like an old Hollywood theme with black and white movies rolling on screens during the evening and all the decor and ideas that go with that.

A mafia theme might work also though maybe not for a church dance.

Black and White Party Advice
by: -Birthday gal-

I have some that my help you...

  • She may just want a black and white party, but if she would like I think adding another color like pink, green, or blue, that would be cute. For my upcoming birthday sleepover I'm having an black, white, and pink party with some zebra print.

  • The favor bags at my party are made of duct tape. I made them myself :) You could make some or it could be a craft!

  • Favors would be almost anything black and white, anything that glows, or small lipsticks or nail polish and trust me, it's a sad day for a tween without a favor bag.. Just don't say "goodie".

  • Let them do whatever in the pool, but races, category, or Marco Polo are always fun!

  • What if it rains? You must be prepared. They are girls. They will do there own thing. Let them gossip and play truth or dare. Crafts would work also.

  • For cake just try marble with black and white icing. At Michaels there are cute little sugar sheets and you can find them in zebra and another more fancy black and white patterns.

    Hope I helped! Happy party planning ;)

Black and White
by: Anonymous

If this party is a boy/girl party then have the boys dress up in black and the girls dress up in white. If this is an all girl party then write the girls sizes down and buy them all some fancy black and white dresses or ask them to come dressed in balck and white. Some foods you could get would be chocolate cake, white cake, black and white jelly beans, brownies, or fruit dipped dark milk or white chocolate.

Black and White
by: Anonymous

I'm planning a black and white party for January and I need a list of foods that will be good. Also, do you think a UV light would be good?

Reply: Besides foods that you can make black and white with food coloring...

Dark and white chocolate.
Cheese pizza with black olives.
Bread and Nutella Rolls.
Licorice and white candy.

Black and White Party
by: Salia

White cake, black polka dots, cheap and simple enough. (Or vice versa) Marshmallows and black licorice if she's into that kinda thing. Black and white lanterns. Black and white pillows and blankets for the sleep over.

Silver Decorations
by: Anonymous

Silver decorations would be perfect for a black and white party.

Black and White Party
by: Anonymous

If this was a coed party, maybe have the boys dress up in black and the girls dress up in white

Best Wishes for Your Party
by: maged al-Obaidly

I'm from QATAR and I'm not good at English. I hope you have a good time at your party.

Your friend...

Sassy Seventeen Winter White Party
by: TISH

Hi! My name is Tish and I'm having a winter white party for my birthday in January, but it's so sudden and I was wondering how can I find a place to hold it on a budget.

Ideas for Ellen
by: Anonymous

Spray paint beach balls black and white. Put them all in the pool. Have tiki lights out around the pool. You can spray them black and white also. You can have finger foods that are not black and white. Put music on a cd that are your child's favorites. If you have a punch bowl you can put black and white light up ice cubes in it. Make a banner for the fence with your child's name in black and white with glitter and stuff. Have little black and white lanterns hanging from your trees on your porch. Wal-mart makes a cute tiered cake. Pick her favorite colors then add black and white polka dots.

Black and White Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

My daughter is turning 12! At her party we are going to start with a scavenger hunt. The word list is black and white, so we made items beginning with each letter (ex. B-Bubble gum).
Everything inside is going to be black and white from balloons to streamers and black light and strobe lights. She is going to have two-tiered cake. One part will be hot pink and the second will be zebra. Her party favor will be a CD with all her favorite songs from her party!

Black and White Party Ideas
by: Susan

I have an 11 year old girl party and they are dressing up at first and eating Oreo cake and taking black and white pictures. Then, I have some black and white lantern lights strung up in the backyard and we are grilling out and we are having our chefs make black and white snacks and food. We also have a lot more ideas but I don't want to spoil it! This whole party costs about $500 dollars so if you want a cheap party these are some ideas. Hope they help.

Ideas Anyone?
by: Anonymous

I am having my 23rd birthday party this weekend and the theme is black and white. Any ideas on things to do?

Black and White Sweet 16
by: Lavete

I would love to have a black and white sweet 16. Wish me good luck.

Cool Ideas for a Black and White Party
by: donna

Hi Wendy,

A great idea for an adult black and white party would be to have a contest in costume making. Break up in groups of 4 to 6 and give each group a stack of black and white newspapers and a roll of tape. Tell them to be creative in designing a costume on one person in their group. They have say 15 to 30 minutes to do this and then you pick a winner for most creative costume, etc. This is such fun and gets everyone involved.

Another idea I've seen is to make each person a silhouette to take home. It's on black and white paper.


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