Bridal Shower Book Pass Game

by Celina
(New York)

Bridal Book

Bridal Book

To play the Bridal Shower Book Pass Game you'll need to create a book according to the pages below. At the shower guests will read and pass the book according to the instructions on the pages. The winner gets a centerpiece or whatever prize you decide on when creating the book.

Book Preparation Instructions:

Make a front cover and print the bride and groom's names and wedding date on on the front.

The pages you create for inside should read as follows or you can be creative and tweak as desired.

  • Page 1

    This game is really easy and we hope that you have fun, no one can tell who the winner will be until the game is done.

  • Page 2

    Each page of rhymes will tell you exactly what to do. They will lead you to the winner, perhaps it will be you.

  • Page 3

    Roses are red, violets are blue. Now please pass this book to the person who is just left of you.

  • Page 4

    (Bride's Name) and (Groom's name) are counting down to their special day. We're all excited for them, it's not really that far away. Now pass this book on to the person with the most recent birthday.

  • Page 5

    The bride is still preparing, for there are still things left to do. Now please pass this book to the lady with the eyes of brightest blue. But if there are no blue eyes to be completely fair you must give this book to the person who has the longest hair.

  • Page 6

    We hope you all are having fun with the rhymes in every verse. Now please pass this book on to the person who has the smallest purse.

  • Page 7

    Wedding bells will be ring real soon, and "I do's" we'll hear them say. Now please pass this book to the lady with the longest dress today.

  • Page 8

    There are many binds in marriage; faith and love are the strongest. Now please pass this on to the person who has been married the longest.

  • Page 9

    (Street) in (City) is where they will reside. Now please pass this book to the lady who is the newest bride.

  • Page 10

    Family and friends come here today from places near and far. Now please pass this book on to the person who came furthest in their car.

  • Page 11

    This game is nearly over and it's been fun, we think. Now please pass this book on to the person with nails of brightest pink!

  • Page 12

    (Bride's Name) will be a gorgeous bride and (Groom's Name) will look good too! The winner of the centerpiece is the guest to the right of you! Please pass this book on.

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