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Fun In the Great Outdoors

Ahhhh... the great outdoors... Don't you love it?  Test how much you do with this fun camping trivia.

It's easy enough for the kids, so the whole family can enjoy it around the campfire or at a family reunion picnic.

You might even want to try using some of the questions in this camping trivia at a kids camp as a tie breaker for various activities. 

Camping Trivia Questions

01. Which of these things is NOT a good idea to do, when choosing a place to pitch your tent?
a) Clear away all debris from the place where you will pitch your tent.
b) Pitch your tent near the fire for extra warmth at night.
c) Place a ground cloth underneath the tent for extra protection from rain puddles.

02. What year was the first Sibley tent invented?
a) 1858
b) 1900
c) 1930

03. Who invented the Sibley tent?
a) Robert Nieport
b) Henry Hopkins Sibley
c) Christopher Columbus

04. How did the name “pup tent” come about?
a) Tents were used for the birthing of puppies.
b) Tents were so small and primitive that they were only fit for dogs.
c) They resembled kennels that were used to house dogs.

05. What is the best option to dealing with your trash while camping?
a) Seal it up in a bag for when you are able to properly dispose of it.
b) Feed it to the wild life.
c) Bury it in the woods or burn it in the campfire.

06. Which tent is best used for parties or receptions?
a) Dome tent
b) Pup tent
c) Frame tent

07. What is the difference between a double and single wall tent?
a) A double has two walls and a single has one.
b) A double wall has two tents put together where a single only has one.
c) A double uses a rainfly over the tent where a single does not.

08. How can you make the ice in the cooler last as long as possible?
a) Put it in the freezer.
b) Never open the lid to the cooler.
c) Keep the cooler out of the sun and keep the lid closed tight.

09. Which is an important piece of camping equipment?
a) Bug repellant
b) Crayons and coloring book for the kids
c) Portable refrigerator

10. Where is the best place to store food when camping?
a) In your tent away from the elements and animals.
b) In a cooler on the picnic table.
c) Keep the cooler in the car or trunk.

11. What is a bathtub floor?
a) A one-piece tent floor that comes a few inches up the sides before connecting with the tent walls.
b) The floor under your bathtub.
c) The bottom of your bathtub.

12. What is a billy can?
a) A can to feed your billy goat with.
b) A clean food can used to boil water over a campfire.
c) A can with Billy’s name on it.

13. What is a footprint?
a) A custom-sized ground cloth for your tent.
b) Art designs you make with your foot.
c) Something you or an animal leaves when you step on the ground.

14. What is a fly?
a) A pesky insect.
b) The zipper on your clothes.
c) Waterproof material that goes above your tent to protect against the elements.

15. What is a guy-line?
a) A line a woman uses on a guy.
b) A line a guy uses on a woman.
c) A rope used to secure tents and keep them from blowing away.

16. What do you do when you mud up?
a) Take a mud bath.
b) Have the last drink before the campfire goes out.
c) Get everyone involved in a mud fight.

17. What is your mummy bag? a) A sleeping bag tapered at the ends to reduce air space and to conserve heat.
b) A bag mummies were kept in.
c) A bag your mom used for camping laundry.

18. What is a tarp for camping?
a) A type of fish you caught while camping.
b) Waterproof canvas or laminated material.
c) An instrument used round the campfire.

19. What is a chuckbox?
a) A box to chuck your garbage into.
b) A container for keeping your camp kitchen organized.
c) A box to chuck your laundry into.

20. What are mountain pies?
a) Tasty sealed sandwiches made in a pie iron with unlimited filling options.
b) Pies that grow in the mountains.
c) Animal droppings. 

Camping Trivia Answers

camping stove

01. B / 02. A / 03. B / 04. B / 05. A / 06. C / 07. C / 08. C / 09. A / 10. C / 11. A / 12. B / 13. A / 14. C / 15. C / 16. B / 17. A / 18. B / 19. B / 20. A 

Questions and answers for this Camping Trivia provided by Warren from Tents and More Online.

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