Christmas Sleepover Party

Christmas Sleepover Party

Christmas Sleepover Party

I am 16 years old and I want to have a Christmas Sleepover Party. I just want to invite a few (6-10) friends over (all girls) to hang out and maybe play the game where you read the story and pass the gifts and just hang out. Any suggestions on what else we could do?

Christmas Sleepover Party Response:

There are so many fun Christmas activities that you could use for a Christmas sleepover party. I am assuming that you plan to stay indoors.

If so, I would start the evening out by baking something delicious together. Make it something your friends can get creative with and be sure to have hot cocoa and marshmallows ready for sampling with your sweet treats when they come out of the oven. You might even want to make an extra batch for a friend who couldn't make it to the party or for someone in your community who you feel could use a special treat over the holidays.

Depending on how close your party is to Christmas, why not create and make your own Christmas cards or decorate an extra indoor or outdoor tree with homemade ornaments.

Be sure to rent a Christmas movie to watch later in the evening... maybe even two.

There are tons of games that would be perfect for your party on my Christmas party games page.

If you'd rather have one activity that will last the entire evening, there is also the option of hosting a Christmas Murder Mystery.


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It's Christmas xxxxxx
by: charlie

I'm having a Christmas sleepover this Friday. I'm a teen with 3 other people and we are all girly, so any ideas would be great :)

Help Needed for Christmas Sleepover Party
by: a mouse

I having a christmas themed sleepover. I am going to watch Christmas movies, paint our nails in Christmas colors and make decorations. But it's not going to last all night. What can i do?

Reply: You could bake and decorate some delicious Christmas treats. After you're done, either eat them or wrap them and give them as gifts. Make a special Christmas ornament for each other. Draw names to see who you'll be making an ornament for. It will be a great keepsake to remember your party in years to come. Girls are so creative, They come up with the most amazing ideas. Even making Christmas jewelry can be a lot of fun. Get the supplies you need at the dollar store and it will cost barely nothing. If you have a video camera, create your own Christmas commercial or short Christmas movie and post it on youtube. Who knows... it could go viral.

by: Anonymous

Make your own pin the red nose on Rudolf!

Need Help for a Christmas Sleepover
by: A7xGirl

I want to have a Christmas Sleepover Party, but I want to invite 2 people who happen to be my cousins and they aren't too girly... I have a few crafts for us to do and recipes for me and my mom to make beforehand, but I don't know what else to do. I want it to be an awesome sleepover and I need more crafts to do and all on a small budget.

Can someone help me? I'm desperate :P

Reply: Can you tell us what crafts you are already planning on so we can give ideas that compliment them? DO you have a theme for your party or is it a craft party?

Wicked Christmas Partay
by: leljenguwaa

Me and my friend are having a Christmas themed sleepover. What christmasy games can we play???

Christmas Slumber Party
by: 13 year old girl


by: katie

im having one this Friday. its non-uniform day at school, we go home early, me and my friend get lunch. so if you can make a day out of it. how about make blanket forts they are a good laugh.

by: Gracie

You could make cookies, make popcorn streamers, the party favors could be stockings, holiday prank call people you know by saying "Hi I'm buddy the elf whats your favorite color?", stuff like that!

Big winter wonderland party
by: Anonymous

I am having a Christmas party too , my house is all getting done up and i want a party to kick it off, i am having a disco in my living room and i have asked two of my best friends to be dj's, here is a game i made up my self , every one has a piece of paper and the host of the sleepover (u) shouts out write a girls name so every 1 writes a girls name at the top of the piece of paper and folds it and passes it to the person on their right , then u shout out write a boys name and every1 writes a boys name and folds it and passes it on (no looking at the girls name)then u shout write what the girl said to the boy then u fold it and pass it on, then u shout write what the boy said to the girl and then fold and pass it on, then u shout write what happens next fold it and pass it on,then u shout write what happens in the future then fold and pass it on , then every1 gets a new piece of paper and take it in turns to read out the story u got , its a laugh and sooo much fun
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helps

Christmas sleepover
by: Tyler

all varsity and JV cheerleaders have plan a sleepover

by: M&M Girl!!!!

I want a xmas party but what games should we play?

by: Anonymous

Christmas is coming up. A week before it i want to invite over 4 of my best friends and have a Christmas party. i want us all to bring sleeping bags so we can sleep by the tree, well all have cozy slippers on and warm robes, we can play outside, have coco and marshmallows and whip cream, and we'll sit by the fire and sing songs, and watch xmas movies, but the best part is that we will be in slippers and robes with hot cocoa watching xmas movies while in our warm sleeping bags all together by the pretty tree. hope this helped!

sleepover fantasy
by: Anonymous

i am 13 and i am hosting a chrismas slumber party for no reason. some thing you could do:

Christmas Sleepover
by: Anonymous

You can decorate gingerbread houses, they don't have to be gingerbread they can be made of graham crackers. You can even ask you guests to bring some types of candy so that you have a variety of types. Burn a Christmas scented candle and set up a bunch of blankets and pillows near a Christmas tree. You can also play the game where you wrap a gift a bunch of times and everyone passes it and unwraps one layer, and they person who unwraps the last layer gets the gift.

by: Katie

I highly reccomend getting a petting zoo because they are super awesome. I had one and like it was like OMG off-the-wall! Hope that helps! Toodaloo!

Cool Website!!
by: Anonymous

This website is great for planning sleepovers. There are so many great ideas on here!-
Here's some of my own ideas for xmas slumber parties-
1. Have plently of hot chocolate and snacks
2. With a movie, pile blankets and cushions on the floor and have popcorn and soda to eat.
3. Have xmas songs playing in the background when doing activites to get everyone in the festive mood
4. Plan in advance to make your slumber party great
Hope this helps!!

Christmas Sleepover
by: Marissa

I am 14 and 5 of my friends and I take turns having a sleepover each month. My turn happens to be in December. I really want my sleepover to be the best. My mom loves to go all out on those kinds of things. How can I make my party the best?

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