Dressup Games for Girl Parties

little girl dressup

Every girl I know loves to play dressup games. Countless hours of fun and imagination can be enjoyed with a simple dressup trunk.

There's an antique store close to my home that hosts parties for girls, allowing them to play with and dressup in all sorts of old-fashioned clothes, accessories, and jewelry. It is a big hit around here.

I've hosted many parties and I know that girls LOVE to play dressup. So, the next time you plan a girls' party, give one of these games a try.


Fashion dressup games are SO MUCH FUN! Put all kinds of outrageous fashion items in a green garbage bag, like double d bras, granny glasses, old-fashioned dresses, long underwear, big hats, or any other accessory or clothing item that the girls wouldn't wear in a public place (out of style items, etc.).

Have the girls sit or stand in a circle and then, similar to musical chairs, play music and pass the bag around. When the music stops, the girl holding the bag must pull one item from the bag and put it on. (You can choose to have the girls look in the bag and pick or stick their hands in without looking and pull something out.) Continue till all the items have been taken. Then take a photo shoot of the crazy outfits the girls are now wearing. It's hilarious!


Make up a few bags of assorted fashion items. Include a fun mix of items in each bag that will give the girls the opportunity to really use their imaginations. Put each set of items in separate green garbage bags so that the girls can't see what is in the bags. Be sure each team has a piece of paper and a pencil. Next, have each team choose a bag and give them 5-10 minutes to dress someone on the team in the item. Have them also come up with a name for the outfit and write runway dialogue to suit it. Then have a fashion show. It is amazing what creative ideas girls can come up with.

Variation: Give teams newspaper, tape, and scissors to create an outfit to model, name and describe.


This is one of those classic dressup games, but fun all the same. Collect two sets of similar clothing. Include a skirt, a shirt, pantyhose (big enough to fit over pants, unless all the girls are wearing swimsuits or shorts), a hat, footwear (high heels are perfect), necklace and bracelet (or whatever combination of items you want to use).

Divide the girls into two teams. Put the clothing on one side of the room and the girls on the other. On your go, the first girl on each team runs over and puts all of the clothes on and then walks like a model (can speed walk, but not run) back to her team. She then takes off all of the clothes and gives them to the second person on her team, who runs back to the other side of the room, dresses up, model walks back, etc. The first team to finish wins!


Enhance your dressup games fun with a little nail polish. Have one bottle of nail polish on hand for each girl participating in the game. Ten girls = ten bottles of nail polish. Be sure to include lots of funky, outrageous colors. Depending on the age of the girls you may want to protect the area where the game is being played.

Have the girls sit in a circle and start passing the bottles around to music. Each girl should only keep one bottle of nail polish in her hands at a time. When the music stops, each girl has to paint one of her fingernails in the color of polish she is holding. Young girls may need to have teen or adult assistance with this. Continue till all nails have been painted.

Note: You can choose to paint fingernails, toenails, or both.


Hide all of the pieces of a complete outfit, including a clue with each. Each clue leads to another piece of the outfit and the next clue, etc. Whichever team completes their outfit first wins.

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